10 Exciting Shooting Games You Should Play On Your Phone

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For a multitude of reasons, video games are loved by people of all ages all around the world. The main reason why video games are so adored is that everyone may use them for different things and can be anyone they want to be. When someone plays video games like unlimited gamez mo, they have the chance to embody characters that are not conceivable in real life. Several studies show the value of video games on one’s health in addition to providing personal happiness.

Video games were first released by developers for computers and gaming consoles, but as time went on, interest in playing games on portable devices increased.

Mobile games were created as a result of this inconvenience; their main feature was that players didn’t need to purchase a gaming console because they could simply download the games onto a device they already owned. The mobile gaming market has grown more quickly than ever before, from virtually nonexistent to a multibillion dollar industry.

Playful Shooting Games

There are many various types of games, including sports, adventure, and action games. For the sake of this discussion, we will focus on shooting games. Shooting games are popular with players of all skill levels and appeal to the majority of players. Shooting games thrill players not because they make them want to shoot real people, but rather because of their distinctive and lifelike dynamics.

We’re bringing you the top ten fascinating shooting games for your phone today because the shooting game segment of the mobile gaming market has advanced significantly.

PUBGS Mobile

10 Exciting Shooting Games You Should Play On Your Phone

Player Unknown Battlegrounds, often known as PUBG, was first made available on PC, and Tencent Games quickly chose to create a mobile version of the game. The pandemic was a major factor in PUBG mobile’s success, which made it the highest-grossing game of 2020.

The most popular battle royale game for mobile devices is the survival shooter game PUBG mobile. It is regarded as fascinating because you get to compete against 99 other online gamers for the title of “last man standing.”

The entire game entails landing on an island, plundering structures to prepare for combat, and either surviving by staying safe or eliminating every other player to prevail. You may play PUBG Mobile with your friends in a duo or four-person squad, which is one of the key reasons it has become so well-known.

Critical Ops

Because it hasn’t been fully released and is still in a public beta, Critical Operations is an addicting and thrilling FPS mobile game that is continually being updated. The game is one of the top first-person shooter mobile games despite being fully discharged and has millions of downloads.

The idea of the game is to eliminate every opponent team member or prevent them from achieving their mission in order to beat the opposing team. You can choose to either be a member of the anti-terrorism squad and stop the terrorists from causing mayhem or you can choose to be the terrorists and carry out the mayhem without getting killed.

Mobile Call of Duty

10 Exciting Shooting Games You Should Play On Your Phone

There has never been a shooting game with more historical significance than Call of Duty; after dominating gaming consoles and personal computers, the brand opted to enter the mobile market. The Call of Duty mobile debut was the biggest in the industry’s history.

The variety of game options in this game distinguishes it from competing products and adds to its adrenaline factor. The multiplayer action in the game can be accessed in a variety of ways, but in each type of game, a five-person team is guaranteed.

With Call of Duty mobile’s breathtaking battle royale mode, you compete against 100 other online players to be the last man remaining.

Sniper Hitman

In contrast to other shooting games, this one requires little movement on your part as you use your sniper rifle to eliminate foes. The Hitman Sniper graphics are quite stunning, and you get to experience a pleasant environment while completing your mission. The player must target different suspects inside a building without raising any suspicions.


Similar to PUBG, this game’s console and PC versions were adored by players all around the world. Due to the gamers’ addiction to Fortnite, when PUBG was introduced, it had little effect in the US.

1v1 LOL

After completing the trials, practice your game abilities. The game’s competitive modes will be explored. Your options for competition are 1v1 LOL, 2v2, or 3v3. You must be skilled and work well with your teammates to succeed in each of these tasks. Each challenge has the option of competing in a particular terrain or arena. Before you can determine the best terrain for you, you must first get used to everything.

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