3 Quick Tips For Essential Oil Packaging Boxes

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If you own essential oils, you may be curious about how and where to store them.

Keeping your essential oils in the optimal environment will maximize their effectiveness. This article will help you comprehend the factors that influence the Essential Oil Packaging Boxes. I’ve summarized it in 5 quick & easy suggestions!

In addition, I will show you the ten finest containers for storing essential oils. Consider incorporating a decorative wooden box or a convenient fabric container into your aromatherapy organization system.

3 Quick Tips For Storing Your Essential Oils

It does not matter where in the home essential oils are stored. Personally, I enjoy the bathroom’s medication cabinet. Yet, some people also like essential oil packaging boxes in their kitchen cupboard, pantry, or drawer in your bedside table.

Choose a location to which you have quick and simple access whenever you need an oil.

Why, then, would you bother with Printed Cosmetic Boxes? It is crucial that you store your oils in a dry, dark, and cold location. DO NOT keep them on a sunny window sill as a means to store your oils.

Avoid Both Heat And Light

  • Essential substances are flammable. The sun’s rays can cause your essential oil’s temperature to elevate. A rise in temperature may destroy the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • Avoid essential oil packaging boxes above a wood furnace or gas range.
  • Do not store your essential oil near a window or anywhere where it can be exposed to sunlight.

2. Do Not Change Temperature

  • Essential oils do not respond well to sudden or frequent changes in temperature. The same holds true for base oils (carrier oils).
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations can diminish the therapeutic properties of essential oils. This is undesirable, given that some of these oils are not exactly inexpensive.
  • Keep your oils stowed away in an appropriate storage unit.  This will ensure bottles and their contents maintain consistent temperatures.

3. Limit Oxygen

Every time you expose your essential oil packaging boxes to fresh air, oxidation occurs.

Consistent exposure to oxygen will degrade the properties of oils and increase evaporation.

When opening the oil container, avoid leaving it exposed for an extended period of time. Limit the time you leave the oil bottle open, and secure it tightly after use.

Essential Oils Box – Fits Various Bottle Types And Sizes.

Wooden boxes especially made for printed cosmetic boxes are a great option to maintain the best possible quality of your oils. These inexpensive cases can be utilized to store your essential oil bottles. My essential oils box is comparable to a medical cabinet; regardless of which oil I need, I simply remove the box and make my selection.

The cases are available in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate all tastes. One thing to look out for when shopping is to make sure that your essential oils bottle size(s) will fit into the storage container.

PRO TIP: Check the essential oil packaging boxes you already own to see what size they are. If you have “larger bottles”, they’re likely somewhere around the 10-15 ml in size. However, some are available in 5 ml, 25 ml, and 50 ml sizes. Check the quantity of your essential oil bottle! Choose an appropriate storage solution for your aromatherapy library.

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