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Your Complete Guide to Obtaining Australian Citizenship in Melbourne

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Australia’s immigration policies are complicated and based on merit. However, if you have business talents and the necessary finances, you have several options for gaining citizenship. Highly talented employees may also be eligible to seek for Australian citizenship. 

Before we go into how to gain Australian Citizenship in Melbourne, let’s look at some of the advantages of residing in Australia and the most common paths for nomad capitalists. We’ll go into greater depth later on how to obtain Australian citizenship.

How to Obtain Australian Citizenship?

  • How to Obtain Citizenship in Australia

You will have the option of obtaining citizenship after becoming an Australian permanent resident. To do so, you must reside in Australia long enough for naturalization, submit an application, and pass the Australian citizenship exam. It’s a time-consuming procedure, but it’s not as bad as it may be in other nations.

By applying for Australian citizenship by descent, you can speed up the procedure and avoid naturalization and the requirement to sit the Australian citizenship exam. 

  • Citizenship by Descent in Australia

Obtaining Australian citizenship via ancestry is a simpler and less expensive procedure than any of the other possibilities we’ve discussed. There are just two requirements: being born outside of Australia and possessing paperwork demonstrating that one of your parents was an Australian citizen at the time of your birth. 

You can apply for Australian citizenship through descent either online or in person. The application price is AUD$315 unless you apply at the same time as your elder sibling, in which case your charge is just AUD$130. 

  • Citizenship Procedures

Unless you are a descendant of an Australian citizen, there are five major stages you must take to apply for Australian Citizenship in Melbourne. The first two phases, temporary residency and permanent residence, have previously been explored. The first step on your route to citizenship is to apply for and be granted a temporary visa. 

You can then apply for an appropriate visa that would offer you permanent status in Australia using your temporary visa. 

  • Naturalization

You must live in Australia for four years after becoming a permanent resident before seeking for citizenship. One of the four years must have been spent as a permanent resident. The remaining three years can be credited to time spent in Australia prior to becoming a permanent resident on a valid visitor’s visa. For example, if you studied in Australia, those years count towards naturalization.

  • The Application for Australian Citizenship

After four years after naturalization, you will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. The vast majority of individuals will be able to apply for Australian citizenship online. You will be seeking for citizenship through conferral if you apply as a migrant with permanent residency. You must have an interview and take the citizenship exam if you are under the age of 60.

  • Being Granted Citizenship

Your road to Australian citizenship does not end once you pass the citizenship exam or interview. Before you may become an Australian citizen, you must attend a citizenship ceremony, make a commitment, and sign certain paperwork. For some, the citizenship ceremony is an emotional event, while for others, it is simply another time-consuming process.

  • Ceremony of Citizenship

The citizenship ceremony is the final step in the process of becoming an Australian citizen. After your application has been granted and you have passed the citizenship exam, you will be invited to a ceremony. You must attend the ceremony within six months after receiving approval for your application.

  • Obtaining a Passport

The Department of Home Affairs handled your application for Australian citizenship. If you want to obtain an Australian passport, you must apply separately through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

As a new citizen, you will be required to produce your Australian citizenship certificate as well as documentation verifying your residence address to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 


Obtaining citizenship in Australia is simple, as long as you follow all of the rules and procedures. Before applying, you may easily check out all of the information accessible on the Best Australian migration agent department’s official websites.

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