Best Restaurant In Guadalajara

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1. Drink craft beer
After tequila, craft beer is one of our favorite drinks in Guadalajara! There are some great breweries in the city where you can enjoy a cold beer after a day of exploring the city. Explore Cerveza Loba, which has a unique tasting room overlooking the brewery. You can enjoy one of their nine different craft beers while watching the action in the brewery. Wonderful! With a huge selection of local beers on tap and a great terrace, Patán Ale House is another fun place to have a drink. There is also a menu of delicious food if you are hungry.

2. Mariscos Mora
In the Benito Juárez neighborhood, look for the mariscos flag next to a stainless steel cart under a blue pop-up awning. This is where you’ll find delicious shrimp cocktails, shrimp and fish ceviches, and green and black aguachiles (spicy shrimp) (the latter are made with burnt chili peppers). But if you’re going to go all out for this seafood stall, don’t miss the delicious shrimp ahogadas tortas topped with rich, spicy salsa and frozen micheladas topped with homemade aguachile. This delicious Jalisco beach food festival is only open on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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3.Lion Loons
Similar to tortas ahogadas, a lonche bañado consists of a birote filled with pork, topped with a creamy chipotle salsa and topped with cream, mayonnaise, and mustard sauce. The recipe was created by Lonches Gemma, but stop by Lonches Leo for one of the classic versions in town. For something completely different, order a bañado burger or one of the many delicious salsa-filled burgers.

4. Academy Fonda Doña Gabina
Pozole is one of Mexico’s most famous dishes, and aside from Guerrero, Jalisco is the top destination for this hominy soup with broth and pork. At Zapopan’s famous house of antojitos, delicious red pozole is the main course, served with shredded lettuce, halved lemon, chopped onion, thinly sliced ​​radish and tostadas. End your dinner with red enchiladas – made with anchor peppers and seasoned with savory aged cheeses – and a marinated boneless pork leg tostada blanched in cream. There is also a vegetarian pozole made with mushrooms.

5. Docene
Born in Mexico City and trained in Buenos Aires, chef Tomás Bermúdez brought an international twist to his acclaimed seafood concept when it opened in 2012. La Docena, inspired by the copper bars of New Orleans, also features oysters from Baja California and Nayarit. like clams and shrimp from the Gulf of California. Along with fresh Mexican shellfish, there’s also Peruvian-inspired ceviche, king crab, grilled Rockefeller oysters, smoked aguachiles tatemados and shrimp po`boys, which go well with local craft beer or homemade michelada scallops with cooked shrimp.

6. Tacos Nano
Head to Belisario Domínguez after a drink (or dinner) for steamed ox head banh tet at this bustling streetcar, which has been frequented by locals for decades. In white steam and under fluorescent lights, browse a plate of banh tet with a variety of pieces: ox head, tongue, lips and chopped skull (carnaza), simply garnished with diced onion, cilantro, lime and spicy red salsa.

Birria de Res El Amigazo Guadalajara

7.Birria de Res El Amigazo
While goats are king in Jalisco, the big birria scene in Guadalajara has room for many other proteins, including beef birria from this stall in Belisario Domínguez. Under a canopy of green and white stripes, the stainless steel trolley prepares tetés made from tortillas blandas (soft tortillas) or dorados (crunchy corn tortillas) and serves with a serving of juice for breakfast or lunch daily. There is a communal table but plenty of shade from a large leafy tree and a convenience store with an awning behind the stall.

8. Tortas Ahogadas El Profe Jiménez
Miguel Covarrubias Jiménez, a football fan and former teacher – which earned him the nickname “el profe” – has become one of Guadalajara’s most respected tortas ahogadas sellers over the past three decades. His homemade salsa, soft carnitas, and his bread from the Jalisco Valley are references to all competitors. Taking an order of destruido – a plate of chopped dorado taco soaked in salsa – it’s a fun twist on the tradition.

9. Black Ponte Trucha
The walls of the Ponte Trucha Negro are blue and white (the signature color of marisqueria) and covered with client photos from three decades ago. The stainless steel tables are also topped with plates of clay ceviche, grilled shrimp and seafood tostadas alongside beer bottles. Started with an order of aguachile tostadas (spicy raw shrimp) plus a chile güero (yellow chile) stuffed with shrimp. Or choose one of the fun-titled botanas (snacks), like gran chingadera, which come with a variety of raw and cooked seafood. The house specialty is shrimp and octopus torta ahogada made with local birote and salsa with as much spice as possible. You can book your  cheap flights from mazatlan to Guadalajara with Lowest Flight fare and enjoy a trip.

10. Tacos Providencia
An army of taqueros and waiters quickly serve up a variety of popular Guadalajara-style grilled meats at this large table-side taqueria. Try the manchecillo (long, thin steak cut from the entire spine), the pastor grilled on skewers, the carnaza (shredded meat) or the bone-in prime rib served with pico de gallo, avocado, and a variety of mild to hot salsa. There are more than a dozen cuts in this Guadalajara institution, including the ears and muzzle. And best of all, you can enjoy your banh tet with cold beer.

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