Best Things to Buy In Kasol

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The town is situated within Bhuntar as well as Manikaran (a sacred place in the eyes of Sikhs), kasol is the home of hippies and travelers who want to experience the peace in their budget. With the increase in Israelis, Kasol has become an enclave of Israel in India.

Kasol is a charming village and tourist spot located in the region of the lower Himalayas in the northwestern Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. The stunning mountains and the vast valleys that surround them provide visitors with an ideal escape from the overcrowded cities of India’s high temperatures, loudness, and chaos. Kasol offers a wide array of activities. Explore and experience Top Things to Do in Kasol, that will thrill any traveler and winter and summer are the most ideal times for travelers.

If you’re just visiting for a couple of days, it’s ideal to visit all the various places in town. Start with a walk around the old town centre and then head towards the Parvati river, which runs through Kasol.

A trail can be walked through the river until Chalal or hike up until Choj village. If you decide to stay a bit longer, you can go through every single spot in the town before heading out on a hike. Some of the best options are Tosh, Kheerganga, Malana, Grahan, and Rasol that will take you to a stunning views.

Flea Market In Kasol

Shopping is something is something we do every trip, is a great way to keep memories fresh. The vibrant flea market in the city is full of great items that you can purchase to bring to your home.

Kasol provides you with the finest local products at the local flea market that is famous as a stoner’s paradise.

Kasol flea market is filled with everything hippie backpackers are seeking from chillums to beautiful bongs, handmade rocks, dream-catchers and of course, the most popular, appealing and colorful. Himachali caps made of the highest quality wool and the finest craftsmanship.

If you are planning a fun event tonight, night eyeglasses, neon trinkets, accessories and other items will light up your celebration evening.

There will be a variety of stores selling the same products so don’t get stabbed by one. If you keep moving, you’ll come across a wealth of amazing products.

In the end, bargaining is an essential part for every purchase, therefore, practise your bargaining and then head to the shop’s section and ask for more. To visit Kasol, plan your vacation with vagabond holidays.

Kasol, in addition to its endless stunning landscapes, is also known for its thriving flea market. The perfect spot to purchase souvenirs for your family and friends and there are plenty of things you can buy in Kasol at very affordable prices. These items, upon looking at your home, brings back memories made in this location.

Things To Buy In Kasol-

Semi-precious stones

A small market is set up at every corner that sells a range of handmade items including woollen covers, garments and other items Be sure to look for neckbands, arm bands, pendants, knickknacks, and other embellishments made of semi-precious stones! They’re vibrant, beautiful and can be a fantastic addition to your storage space, therefore grab them now without hesitation!

Bob Marley t-shirts

A Shiva or Bob Marley shirt is compulsory for any trendy individual who goes to Kasol! You’ll discover Bob Marley shirts, banners or groups, as well as wristbands of all kinds of styles as this part of Himachal! So don’t even for a second think of returning without purchasing yourself several.


When you’re in Kasol it is impossible to in any way, form or form, leave without acquiring an amazing set of chillums, bongs, and stunning hallucinogenic glow in the dark t-shirts. The market is brimming with these products at low cost, so let your inner shopaholic free!

Himachali Caps

The gorgeous city of Himachal makes it easier to shop at flea markets with its traditional meticulous work and custom-made products. In case you’re in Kasol intriguingly, don’t forget to shop for winter clothes and spend a bit on their amazing and wonderful Himachali covers that are made with the finest quality fleece and the best hand-work!

Dream Catchers

Bewildered by the diversity of tribes, the markets of Kasol offer the most gorgeous dream catchers that you can take to your home! Available in a variety of styles, sizes, plans and sizes, these dream catchers are worth buying from these markets as they are sure to bring a stunning upgrade to your living spaces.

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Hand Knitted Woolen Clothes

Kasol flea markets provide an array of intricate art and hand-painted objects. Himachal is famous for its traditional handiwork including hand-knitted garments, and the most beautiful ornaments, so take for a bit of a frenzied spree and find yourself a perfect memento!

Learn to barter because they can be beneficial when you purchase items at Kasol’s swap meets!

Prayer Wheels

Prayer wheels provide many more benefits than stunning photos. They are thought to represent optimism and believed to bring luck.

In Tibetan tradition they represent hope. They are available in different sizes and designs. Enjoy both the best times and luck from Kasol.

Psychedelic Paintings

Have you had the best hash? Keep the fond memories of that exhilarating experience, painted in a variety of shades.

There is bound to be an array of incredibly immersive artworks and paintings that are stunning in the interior of your home. An experience that can’t be described, but it is visible in a stunning form painted on canvas. Whichever area of the globe you live in the moment you step into Kasol once more.

Funky Grooming

Although Kasol is a small village that has borrowed just a few elements from the modern world, they are all an improvement to the authentic character of the village. There is a hippie culture in Kasol. Hippie Culture is fast catching up, thanks to foreign tourists as well as Israeli immigrants who are part of the establishment of this style of life in Kasol. 

There are many stores in Kasol with a variety of exotic products which are nearly impossible to purchase outside of Kasol whether it’s the custom-made “glow in the dark” Tees, Harem Pants or sweatshirts. There are other items like chillums and bongs that attract only a handful of people. 

If you’re done shopping and want to a fresh look upon returning home to Kasol, there are salons located in Kasol and operated by skilled barbers who can weave a magic over you whether you want dreadlocks, Lulus to braids, they can make it whatever you like and they master the art of braiding. and you can choose from various colors of threads and beads.

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