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Pinterest is a social media website that enables users to save and share information (or “Pins”) on topics of interest, drawing the interest of business owners who use it as an online storefront for their products and services, photographers and designers wishing to showcase their work and copyright holders such as iStock who criticise it for permitting users to freely pin images without permission.


Juxtapost is a social networking website that enables its users to collect content from across the internet and organize it onto digital boards. Furthermore, users can share these boards with others – providing businesses with an avenue for reaching new customers while expanding their visibility among an ever-expanding target market.

Juxtapost stands out with its innovative feature of More Like This, which leads you to more posts with similar content. Furthermore, Juxtapost allows users to categorize and tag posts in multiple ways for easier content discovery.

Juxtapost allows users to easily create and share private postboards. You have control over whether a board should be public or private and who can see it; for instance, you could share one with your significant other, friends, or family members.


Akonter is a content curation website that enables users to quickly share links and articles from online content they find interesting, create bookmarks for favorite websites/articles/webpages, search content by tags and easily search tags to locate what they’re searching for. Easy and free to join; social buttons available for browser toolbar and email app use make Akonter even more user-friendly!

People with the name Akonter tend to be creative, curious and friendly individuals with an excellent sense of community and are generous with their time and friendships. It is easy for them to make friends quickly; they enjoy trying out new activities while always willingly assisting friends when necessary – not forgetting their strong EQ!


Trustpilot is an online review platform that allows people to share their experiences with products and services, making it a useful resource for businesses seeking to build customers’ trust and boost business results. Trustpilot verifies reviews to ensure they are genuine and impartial.

Your company can create a Trustpilot account free of charge to interact with customers and increase loyalty, promote on social media and optimize SEO. However, please be aware of some restrictions associated with the service.

Visit any company’s Trustpilot profile page and you will see an overall star rating, as well as reviews by category. The higher its star rating is, the more positive is feedback provided for that company. In addition, you can view how many reviews have been posted as well as any flagged for violating Trustpilot guidelines.


Acquire a Wikipedia listing for your business and you’ll gain credibility, organic traffic and sales gains. Although Wikipedia’s editorial process might seem intimidating at first, I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life – politicians, celebrities and professional athletes alike – helping them to establish and manage their Wikipedia pages.

As a general guideline, your business page should provide searchers with all of the information they require, with references to independent sources to ensure your content remains unbiased and credible. Failing to meet these guidelines could see your article reversed or blocked by Wikimedia Foundation tools including sophisticated blocking technology. In addition, Wikimedia has implemented a conflict of interest policy for editors which will prevent people from gaming the system and making biased edits.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool designed to help businesses manage and promote their listings in search engine results pages, share updates about products, services, events or offers with customers as well as promote themselves locally through SEO strategies. GMB should be part of any local SEO strategy; for maximum effectiveness it should include adding local phone numbers as well as the appropriate categories based on business type – using real names can be especially powerful signals on GMB! To optimize Google My Business profiles make sure they use real phone numbers with valid listings as one key signal is GMB: use real names when adding phone numbers – something Google My Business does best.

An additional way to enhance your GMB profile is to add photos and create posts. Posts can be used to announce special offers or promotions and should include photos, descriptions and action buttons. GMB also enables businesses to respond to reviews left by their customers while answering their inquiries; you can even utilize GMB’s analytics feature for accessing important statistics regarding your profile.

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