Customers on Amazon Are Calling This “Super Soft” Zip-Up Hoodie.

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Their “New Favorite,” and It’s Now On Sale
An inviting hoodie will always make you feel better. But what else is there, you ask? Adding a new one for a small portion of the regular retail cost. The Efan Zip-Up Hoodie is currently available at Amazon for up to 28% discount. Customers describe it as being “very soft” and having a comfortable fleece feel thanks to its cotton and polyester construction. It includes two side pockets big enough for your keys, cash, and phone, so you can ditch your purse or wallet for the day. The zip-stylish-up design is further enhanced by the drawstring and stylish silver hardware.

The “perfectly oversized” hoodie is available in sizes XS to XL; some customers claim it runs true to size, but others advise sizing down if you like a more fitting look. Prices for a few hues and sizes are currently slashed, with starting costs as low as $34.

 Their “New Favorite,” and It’s Now On Sale

Google Buy It! has the Efan Oversized Zip-Up Hoodie with Pocket in Khaki for $33.99-$36.99 (originally $46.99).

The hoodie has received a five-star rating from more than 2,000 customers, some of whom even dubbed it their “new favorite.” The hoodie was praised as the “greatest sweater of all time” by one reviewer, who also noted that they wore it practically every day around the home since it was “thick and warm yet not too hot.”

Another purchaser described the affordable item as a “great Aritizia dupe,” saying they preferred to lounge in it. Another customer claimed it was comparable to another pricey brand and expressed their “total amazement” at its quality and smoothness.

The hoodie was praised as the “greatest sweater of all time”

28 various hues are available, some of them are so vivid that they’re the ideal way to change up your regular loungewear. The $34 burgundy hoodie would look great with jeans or pants. For added warmth, you could also layer the khaki one with some leggings and a coordinating utility jacket.

One item of apparel we know we’ll always wear is a hoodie, so buying a few during a bargain is always a smart move. To purchase the Efan Zip-Up Hoodie in several colors, scroll below. Zip-Up Hoodies Are in Fashion Among the Cool Men
It’s 2003, you’re wearing a zip-up hoodie, Tell All Your Friends is playing loudly on your Sony Psyc boombox, and you’re instant chatting with your crush in your room. You weren’t the only one, either: peak indie sleaze (and occasionally just plain sleazy) labels like American Apparel helped zip-up hoodies gain popularity throughout the 2000s, everywhere from gym classes to red carpets.

Zip-Up Hoodies Are in Fashion Among the Cool Men

Then something happened, society and the ruling class in the fashion world changed their minds, and all of a sudden, the zip-up gave way to the all-powerful pullover. Band t-shirts as status symbols evolved into a hot-weather swerve. Simple putting on and taking off with the pull of a zipper? not anymore. The pullover hoodie ruled supreme throughout most of the 2010s, propelled by a streetwear boom that pushed up-and-coming brands to print their images on some thick fleece. Zip-up hoodies are once again a rage, though, as Y2K fashion trends gain momentum.

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