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CV formats in India structure – Types of resume format

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CV formats in India structure – Types of resume format


Every single resume tends to be different in one way or the other. What makes the real difference is choosing the proper format that can break into the hiring process. Any fresher CV format India structure usually lacks the required quality and picture. Sometimes you may have mentioned similar kinds of skills in your resume as the other applicants. In this case, how you systematically get your information plays a decisive role.

In this article, we have provided some of the best resume formats for both professionals and freshers that will help you to get an extra edge over others. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, building up an impactful and efficient resume is vital. The more specific your Indian resume format looks the more chances you get to secure your desired job.

CV format India for freshers nowadays usually request form look at potential development that the person can showcase. This especially becomes a very important point for the freshers in India looking to seek a job or internship. A well-worded resume can do wonders for passing initially during the hiring process for any field. Let us look at some ideal points required while formulating the best resume format for ourselves.

jobwala, job search app, mumbai job search, jobwala mumbai, best job search app in mumbai,
jobwala, job search app, mumbai job search, jobwala mumbai, best job search app in mumbai,
  1. Why is a solid resume highly favored?

In India usually, freshers are the freshly passed out college or university graduates who lack work experience. Unfortunately, this fact makes most freshers unable to compose the required impact in the resume to make them stand out from the crowd. The Indian job seekers’ format India structure should reflect your worth and convince the hiring committee to land you an ideal internship.

The professional and proper resume format has very detail-oriented information. For this, some of the points you should keep in mind while composing your Indian resume format from scratch are-

  • Try to customize your resume by the company where you are applying for a job. Avoid sending the same resume for different kinds of job applications. It is essential to tailor your resume by the job description of the position you are seeking for.
  • Don’t create a lengthy resume, rather try to keep your information intact, crisp, and specific.
  • Perform all the priority checks regarding personal and contact information that you have provided at the starting of the resume.
  • You should start building a resume with a simple resume formatby visualizing some of the ideal samples before upgrading it.
  • Always ensure that your resume reflects enthusiasm and does not come out as ambiguous and confused. You should frame the CV format India structure so that it makes you a valuable asset in the eyes of your employer.
  • Try to use Bullet points to highlight your training past working experience, skills, and academic qualifications.
  • Refrain from using any fancy fonts and try to frame a subtitle and simple resume format
  • Do not forget to state all the languages known to you and your proficiency in them. Usually, in CV format Indian content,you must mention at least English, Hindi, and your regional language.
  • Use a sufficient amount of keywords and jargon to make your resume worthy.
  • Try to build your resume as an ideal CV format India structure by being as descriptive as possible.
  • Avoid stating your past working experience in your Indian resume formatvaguely by directly jotting it down. Try to maintain proper tonality and structure while writing this section. For example, you should focus more on describing how you did the job rather than what you did.
  • It always is a plus point in CV format India content to explain your past roles and responsibilities to reflect your potential to the recruiter.
  1. How to form a target-oriented resume format like professional

To create an ideal CV format India an Indian skilled worker you shows include below mentioned Must-to-do steps-

  • Writing your resume on multiple pages and shortening your information write-up within 2-3 pages in simple resume format.
  • Break your resume into proper sections; for example, resume summary skills, previous work experience, education, credentials, contact information, etc.
  • Create a bold header for your resume followed by your contact information section
  • Always write your information straight to the point keeping your resume as concise as possible. Avoid using lengthy statements or paragraphs that may come out and know and are odd to your recruiter.
  • Do not frequently change your font size in your resume, as it may look unorganized. Instead, maintain a consistent font size, preferably at 10, 11, or 12 pts size.
  • Use recommended simple and readable font style as shown by most of the professional CV samples. New Roman and Arial are highly recommended for writing CV format India content that is simple yet professional.
  • Always ensure to add a clear margin to your resume pages to give a complete look to it. In Indian resume format,5 inches 1-inch margin is highly recommended.
  • Try to use Bullet points in sections of skills hobbies educational qualifications and previous job responsibilities to give it a crisp outlook
  • Always remember to add spaces and sufficient space in between each paragraph and section of your resume.
  • Refrain yourself from using “I” in your resume and instead use a sufficient amount of superlatives and adjectives such as hard-working, professional, motivating, good team spirit, organized, etc.
  • Always check your eyes for any grammatical or spelling errors in your CV format India content. Especially in India a resume full of grammatical and structural errors are very much irritating to the employers. A wrong grammar in your resume can make your entire content meaningless. Somewhat it may negatively impact your job application by providing employees with negative ideas about you.
  1. Why is it important to be concise while writing an Indian resume format?

While making a resume you have to keep your details very brief and to the point. This reflects that you are a worthy candidate for the job and have a clear mindset to complete any task at your hand. Unfortunately, in India, several top employers read and scan hundreds of resumes daily to fill a few high-paying jobs. In such a scenario, it is even difficult for a professional worker to secure the desired position, much less a fresher.

Here is where your flawless resume compiled in an error-free CV format India structure comes into play. Therefore it is highly recommended to a fresher to apply for the desired position with only a single-page resume. They should also send a personally written resume that shows their enthusiasm to work for their employer. This makes the employer identify your actual skills and entice them into shortlisting you for the job post.

  1. Why is it required to highlight your skills properly to form a professional-looking resume?

The mention of your skills and your education credentials in a proper way is the best way to catch your recruiter’s attention at first glance. Therefore while crafting your resume do not be shy in mentioning all your achievement certificates and skills that you have acquired. But also, so take a special note while writing this section to not come out as a braggy and overconfident personality. Instead, try to mention all these qualities positively, following some best resume formats samples as a reference.

Try to be as humble as possible while mentioning these skills. The more skills you mention in your resume higher the chances of you getting hired. Also, try to add a caption of hobbies and interests that shows your positive personality to the recruiter. If you are a fresher, you should take guidance from different CV format India structures available online before writing this section of your resume on your own. With no prior work experience in your hand, describing your set of skills would be the least possible thing you could do.

  1. How to make your resume sound relevant to the employer?

If you are a fresher looking for a job in the Indian market, then there is a high chance that your education credentials will be overlooked due to a lack of work experience. So it will come in handy to you in increasing the chances of employment for the job you are applying for. A prototype from Professional CV format India style contents explains the situation where you have used this particular set of skills.

For example, if you are applying for a job as a Digital marketer in a reputed IT company say XYZ, you should write about your strong hold over digital marketing and flawless communication skills. Here you can also add your degree and certificate along with previous internships that you might have done before.

  1. Is mentioning recommendations important in a resume?

References or recommendations from a professional authority can give out a great advantage to a fresher. According to some best CV format India structures, recommendations can uplift the fresher’s resume by tenfold. In addition, if you have no prior training period relevant to your applied job then you can ask your College Professor or school teacher to write a recommendation letter for your resume. This is an essential advantage while writing an Indian resume format that many businesses usually ignore.

Also, always make sure that the references you cite are 100% legitimate and do not involve any fraud. Please verify all the content mentioned under the reference and Recommendation section of your CV format India structure several times before submitting it for any job application.

  1. How much is proofreading important for constructing the best resume format?

This is an essential step to be conducted at the very end of your resume write-up. After finishing putting your information on the CV, the very last step you should do is proofreading the entire document. You can do it yourself or it is better to let any other professional for a trustworthy friend do it for you.

This is the best way to make all kinds of necessary corrections and eliminate any possible grammatical errors that you might have made. This also ensures that your CV format India structure has the highlights of your skills and features. It is more like a final to verify what you have missed out on before using the resume for your job application. In this way, you build a simple resume format that is honest and strong. Therefore it is a must-to-do step, especially for the freshers who were to make their resume format professional.

  1. What sections are a must in a fresher CV format India structure?

A freshers resume in India generally includes information systematically divided into the following section with their respective details-

  • Resume header
  • Followed by detailed personal information like name, contact number, email address for social account links such as Indeed or LinkedIn.
  • Academic credentials section- states all your educational qualifications that you have received to date. You should start from the highest academic label such as a bachelor’s degree, followed by class 12 and class 10 education details. It is always better for fresher’s to include every detail in a tabular format under this educational credential. According to many CV format India structures, this makes your credentials look more detail-oriented and systematic.
  • Mention any prior training or certification (if any).
  • Position of responsibilities that you could perform for the applied job.
  • Accolades that show acknowledgment of merit regarding your written set of skills or responsibilities.
  • Skills that are in relevance with the job you have applied for.
  • Previous working experience along with mention of roles and responsibilities you have performed.
  • Hobbies and personal interests.
  • Languages you are fluent in.
  • A conclusion that usually contents mention any recommendation or reference that you have with you.

Please remember that your resume is the first digital impression that your employer will have in store for you. So it goes without saying that the better the CV format India structure of your resume, the higher the chances of you getting the employment. While writing this resume you should curate all the essential tips mentioned in this article, so that your resume will look neat and attractive.

You can only stand out from the crowd when you can convince the hiring manager to select you then you have to follow the set of guidelines that is mentioned by some of the best CV formats India structures available online.

  1. What is the concept of an ATS-friendly resume in the Indian job market?

The applicant tracking system ATS scan is a technology used today to sort and rank the resume automatically for the recruiters. In India top recruiters every day receive hundreds of job applications. In such a system, an ATS system automatically shorts out the most compatible resume for the job they are hiring for. In conclusion, this kind of technology increases their job and selects the outline that matches precisely with current job descriptions. .

In this digital era, many reputed companies use such systems to ease the selection process of hectic job applications. Thus, the current CV format India structure is often based on the format of an ATS-friendly resume.

Points to remember for formatting and ATS friendly CV format India structure

  • You should always remember to include the same set of keywords used in job descriptions. In this way, you will increase the probability of getting through the selection process by ATS software.
  • This should be made into practice every time you will draught a professional-looking resume.
  • Always make sure that your resume is the replica of your personality and represents you in front of the eyes of the recruiter.
  • Many ATS software in India is not capable of scanning and processing graphics. So it is recommended to use minimum to no graphics in your resume.
  • For example, you could avoid adding your photograph to the CV unless it is asked by the recruiting company.
  • Try to keep your CV in a simple resume format for example you can make use of format fly chronological or hybrid for building an ATS-friendly resume.
  • Make use of sufficient Bullet points to highlight your accomplishments, skills and educational conditions. This is the first step to create a simple and easily designed resume that is preferred by many.

Types of resume format

In the Indian job market, there are three types of resume formats highly preferred by the top recruiters. They are

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination
  1. Chronological CV format India structure

This format is very common and a simple one that can be easily created by both freshers and professional applicants. It gives more weightage to the work experience section and is mentioned before the educational credentials and skills section. This format gives a quick idea to the recruiter regarding your potential experience and skills at a single glance.

  1. Functional CV format India structure

This is a format that emphasizes more on the skill section than the mention of the applicant’s previous working experience. This type of Indian resume format is exactly the opposite of the chronological CV. In this, the job-related skills qualifications are usually listed first followed by the work experience section without elaboration.

  1. Hybrid or combination CVformat India structure

As the name suggests this type of format is a combination of both functional and chronological format. This type of format highly emphasizes skill and working experience in equal quantities. You can say that this type of Indian resume format blends the best characteristic highlight of the above-mentioned two formats. This format is less confusing and direct in comparison to a functional structure. This is the best CV format to be chosen if you want to focus on highlighting your strengths.

Final thoughts

As different kinds of job opportunities are opening up in the Indian market, so does the competition. In this case, only the best resume following a strong CV format India structure can cut to the chase. Today even for applying for an internship almost every company in India asks for a resume. Based on your resume, only you can get selected for further training process or get discarded as an irreverent candidate by the recruiter. As a job applicant the deadliest mistake you can come up with is sending your recruiter a half back incomplete and meaningless CV format. Such a resume leaves no room for further negotiation and gets first handily rejected without any second consideration. Currently only a combination of a strong resume with a strong cover letter can feed your case to the top employers and entice them to recruit you for the said position.

In conclusion, it all depends on your efforts in building a professional-looking resume that is captivating for the recruiter from scratch. However, several sources and references on the web can help you write a professional resume. All you have to do is search, get inspired, and build a resume that speaks for yourself.

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