Sculptra vs. Radiesse: Best Dermal Filler For You

Sculptra vs. Radiesse: Best Dermal Filler For You

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When it comes to non-surgical facial rejuvenation, dermal fillers have taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Among many options available, Sculptra and Radiesse are two standout choices. Both promise to restore lost volume, reduce wrinkles, and improve facial contours. In this comprehensive comparison, we will discuss the key differences and similarities between Sculptra and Radiesse to help you determine the best dermal filler for your face.


Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable filler that contains poly-L-lactic acid. This unique compound stimulates collagen production over time, making it an attractive option for those seeking a gradual and natural-looking improvement. Sculptra is particularly effective for addressing facial volume loss, deep wrinkles, and folds.


Radiesse, on the other hand, is also an FDA-approved dermal filler, but it primarily consists of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a gel. Unlike Sculptra, Radiesse offers both immediate results and long-term benefits. It provides an instant plumping effect and stimulates collagen production, leading to extended improvements.

Comparison of Sculptra and Radiesse

1. Treatment Areas

Sculptra and Radiesse are versatile fillers in various facial areas, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and cheeks. However, Radiesse is often preferred for more immediate contouring, while Sculptra is typically chosen when a gradual enhancement is desired.

2. Immediate Results

One key difference between these two fillers is the timing of results. Radiesse provides immediate volume, which can be especially beneficial if you want instant improvement. Sculptra, on the other hand, requires multiple sessions over several months to achieve the desired outcome, as it stimulates collagen production gradually.

3. Longevity

Regarding longevity, Radiesse tends to offer longer-lasting results compared to Sculptra. While Sculptra’s effects can persist for up to two years, Radiesse can often provide improvements lasting 12 to 18 months or even longer.

4. Collagen Stimulation

Both fillers stimulate collagen production, but the mechanisms differ. Sculptra relies on poly-L-lactic acid to encourage the gradual formation of collagen fibers. Radiesse, on the other hand, triggers collagen production through the presence of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. This distinction can influence the duration of results and the specific benefits achieved.

5. Number of Sessions

Sculptra typically requires multiple treatment sessions several weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Radiesse, in contrast, often necessitates fewer sessions due to its immediate plumping effect.

Cost of Sculptra and Radiesse

The cost of Sculptra and Radiesse can vary depending on the provider and the number of treatments required. Sculptra tends to be more expensive overall, requiring multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. However, the longer duration of results may make Sculptra a more cost-effective option in the long run. However, looking at the ingredients and make-up of both fillers, you can estimate the average cost per syringe. The average cost of calcium hydroxylapatite fillers (Radiesse) is $717 in the US. On the other hand, the average cost of poly-L-lactic acid fillers (Sculptra) is $853 in the US.

Side Effects

Like all dermal fillers, Sculptra and Radiesse can cause side effects, such as swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. However, these side effects are usually temporary and should subside within a few days to a week. Sculptra may also cause small bumps to form under the skin, which can be massaged out if they occur.

Choosing Between Sculptra and Radiesse

The decision between Sculptra and Radiesse ultimately depends on your unique goals and preferences. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed choice:

Choose Sculptra if:

  • You prefer a gradual improvement that looks natural.
  • You have the patience for multiple sessions spread over several months.
  • You’re looking to address deep wrinkles and volume loss.

Choose Radiesse if:

  • You desire immediate results and contouring.
  • Longer-lasting effects are a priority.
  • You want to address moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles.



Both fillers offer unique advantages and can deliver remarkable results when administered by a skilled practitioner. It ultimately comes down to your preferences, desired outcomes, and timeline.  Sculptra and Radiesse are formidable contenders in dermal fillers that provide distinct benefits that cater to various aesthetic goals. Your choice should align with your specific objectives and the guidance of a qualified healthcare provider. With the proper selection, you can achieve the facial rejuvenation you desire, enhancing your natural beauty and confidence.

Finding A Provider Near You

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