Exploring the Types and Uses of Tower Bolts for Different Doors

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Tower bolts have been trusted on the doors to secure homes, offices, and financial institutions for many years. Tower bolts are rigid and easy to install while also being easily usable. No rocket science is needed to lock a door with a tower bolt; you just have to close the door and place the bolt fitted on the door into the mortise. It comes in various designs, types, and materials. You have to consider various factors while choosing a tower bolt for the safety of you and your loved ones. 

Types of Door Bolts

There are numerous types of bolts available in the market. Every tower bolt has its design, shape, and material:

  • Heavy-Duty Bolt

The heavy-duty door bolt is a reliable choice for those seeking robust security. Engineered with durability, these bolts come in various dimensions, finishes, and materials. Their sturdy construction makes them a preferred option, especially in industrial settings where strength and reliability are paramount.

  • Barrel Bolts

Barrel bolts operate similarly to slide bolts, which include a hitch plate on the opposing door frame. The cylindrical, tubular, or square-edged bolt slides into the plate, securing the door. This allows horizontal and vertical functionality, making barrel bolts suitable for shacks, stables, and warehouse units.

  • Straight Bolt

A straight door bolt, a surface door bolt, or a straight barrel bolt offers cost-effective and versatile protection. It is a lengthier and slimmer variation of the barrel bolt. Straight bolts, usually used with other door furniture, provide additional security beyond door handles, door latches, or knobs.

  • Sliding Bolt

Commonly featuring a cylinder for the bolt to slide into, sliding bolts are easily installed and offer varied locking choices, including combinations and padlocks. 

  • Concealed Door Bolt

Installed within the door and hidden from view, concealed door bolts provide discreet security. Typically lodged in pairs employing a mortice, they include a door lock accessible only from the interior.

  • Necked Door Bolt

A variation of the plain barrel design, necked door bolts feature a curved or angled bolt head, reinforcing a bigger space. They provide more security for various door types with horizontal and vertical functionality.

  • Flush Door Bolt

Flush bolts are devised for double doors, particularly those with infrequently used sides, and are fitted within the boundary of each gate. These bolts lock the doors in the middle by moving upwards or downwards into the door jamb, ensuring security without sacrificing aesthetics.

Uses and Applications of Door Bolts

Door security bolts are used across various locations, industries, and settings, offering a versatile solution to enhance security.

  • Internal Door Bolts

Widely deployed in commercial spaces to control access, internal door bolts also serve privacy functions in residential settings, like securing a bathroom door. These slimmer and less robust bolts than their heavy-duty counterparts prioritise discretion. They come in various sizes, finishes, and platings to cater to different needs.

  • Garage Door Security Bolts

Box-shaped security bolts are crucial in garage doors against theft and intruders. They offer a strong locking mechanism and are compatible with various door types, including up-and-over, hinged, folding, and sliding models. Installing these bolts horizontally or vertically on each side can improve the security of your home. Positioning up-and-over doors in the bottom corners facilitates easy access unless intentionally locked.

  • Front Door Deadlock Bolts

Front door deadlock bolts are a secure choice that increases the protection of properties. They are available in various sizes and finishes, offering flexibility to meet specific needs. Whether opting for standard or heavy-duty options, these bolts provide reliable security. Combining deadlock bolts with other lockable alternatives improves your property’s security and provides peace of mind. 

Materials and Finishes

These bolts typically come in an extensive array of materials, finishes, and coatings. Manufacturers may prioritise durability or opt for precise finishes to enhance the look. This depends on your needs, where you want to install it, and the available options for the required bolt type.

Brass Door Bolt

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass offers versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of manufacturing. While a brass door bolt provides high resistance to corrosion and rust, it might not match the strength of other metals. Brass bolts are often favoured for aesthetic reasons, with polished brass being popular. They are also suitable for exterior use due to their corrosion-resistant properties, offering a degree of water resistance for outdoor applications.

Steel Door Bolts

Steel Comprising iron and carbon provides good strength at a reasonable cost and exhibits high durability and pressure resistance. Stainless steel variants are commonly preferred, and steel bolts are widely accessible for various general-purpose applications. Steel performs well in both internal and external environments. This material is particularly suitable for heavier-duty models.

Steps to Fit a Tower Bolt

Let’s look at the steps to fit a tower bolt: 

  • First, place the bolt assembly on the gate horizontally or vertically. However, you want to place it. With a pencil or marker, mark the holes. 
  • Now, drill the pilot holes on marked points into the gate.
  • Take the bolt assembly, fixate it on the gate where the holes are marked and align it correctly. Then fix the bolt assembly to the door with the screws. 
  • Place the bolt in the engaged position. Align the staple horizontally with the bolt and mark the holes for the staple on the frame. 
  • Remove the staple, drill pilot holes into the frame for the screws, and then reattach the staple, securing it to the frame using the provided screws. You have succeeded in attaching a tower bolt for door. 


Tower bolts are a reliable source of protection for you, whether for an office, at home, or on any other property. You can choose whichever fits your requirements with various sizes and shapes available in the market. There is versatility available when choosing tower bolts as there are heavy-duty doors for commercial buildings and also aesthetical options like a concealed tower bolt, which offers discreet security. There are options for different materials, such as brass and steel, each with advantages for different purposes. This comprehensive guide has all the information you need to choose your tower bolt. 

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