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How to earn money writing?

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Find out how to use your language skills to earn money.

Many people have incredible writing ability and seem to have been born to be writers. But because it is seen as an art, there are those who say that they do not make a living from this task because they do not know how to earn money writing.

It is clear that knowing how to put ideas on paper in a clear and coherent way is not something that everyone does. But did you know that it is possible to develop this ability and even make a living from it?

If you are already a great copywriter or if you want to start a new profession and still don’t know where to start, this post is for you.

Today we are going to show you how to make money writing and, at the end, we will give you some tips so that you can work in this area.


Even if you don’t work online yet, you’ve probably heard of freelancers. They are professionals who act independently offering their services to other people or even companies independently.

But how to make money writing as a freelancer ?

You can offer your texts to digital entrepreneurs who have a blog, but do not have time to write in this communication channel.

Another option is to write sales texts for those who sell a product online. Or you can even help an expert in a subject to write an ebook on the subject that he masters.

There is always someone or some company that, sooner or later, needs a very well written text. 

Blog writer

Content marketing has been increasingly exploited by entrepreneurs from various areas, both online and offline.

This happens because this form of promotion allows customers to reach the products naturally. In other words, the company no longer needs to bombard people with advertisements that, most of the time, are even considered invasive.

There are many ways to set up a content marketing strategy, and creating a blog with interesting texts for clients is one of the most common ways to start implementing this type of promotion in a business. That is why, increasingly, bloggers are more sought after.

Either independently, as we showed in the previous topic, or even as a company, you can earn money online by writing a blog for other people.

Also, if you have specific knowledge and want to share it with third parties, you can also work by writing your own blog. And how to make money writing your own blog?

You can, for example, allow the display of ads on your blog or even recommend products related to the topic you address and receive commissions for sales that originate from your content.

Ebook Writer

Still thinking about the writing profession, it is possible to earn money writing ebooks. The big problem for most people who think about writing books online is that they don’t always have ideas for their content.

If that is your case, what you can do is look for people who are experts in their areas of expertise, but who do not have writing skills, and you can offer to develop your topic in an ebook. Once again, you can use freelance platforms to find this type of work.

Now, if you want to be the author of your own content, you can create an ebook that teaches techniques to write better, for example. Thus, you can make your ebook available on a digital product platform and earn money with your knowledge.


Copywriter is one of the professions of the future that attracts a lot of attention from those who write well and want to earn money with it.

Basically, the copywriter is the person who creates texts to generate sales, such as ads, landing pages, product promotion videos and much more.

But, more than writing, this professional also needs to know how to persuade with his texts. In the end, the copy is a type of text that aims to convince a person to make a purchase.

Social media manager

Many people believe that to be a manager of social networks it is only necessary to know those communication channels. Of course, this is essential, in the end, how can you manage a network that you don’t know?

But, in addition to knowledge about social media, the good manager must also know how to write well. Because? For the simple reason that he not only has to dedicate himself to publishing content on those networks, but he is the one who uses words to captivate and attract the attention of the people who interact through those communication channels.

The intention of having a manager is to keep the social networks of a business always updated and, as you must have already noticed, most of the media use words and images to communicate with their audience.

Therefore, if you know how to use words to convince and charm people, take the opportunity to offer this type of service to companies and entrepreneurs with various social networks and who you know need help with this task.

  1. Author of books

So far, all the professions that we have shown for those who want to know how to make money writing involve the use of the Internet, but remember that it is possible to work with that skill even outside of the online environment.

Have you thought about writing a book ?

We are talking about ebooks, which are also books, but marketed digitally. We are talking about books that do not necessarily imply technical content, such as novels, adventures, poetry, and others.

Writing a book involves several processes ranging from planning to publishing and selling your material.

This may seem like a distant dream to most people, but if you’re already a good copywriter, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

And if you still don’t know how to start, don’t worry. We have a post here on the blog that teaches how to write and publish a book , don’t miss it!

  1. Screenwriter

YouTube is a communication channel widely used not only by entrepreneurs, but also by producers of various content. It has been increasingly exploited due to the ease of communicating something to an audience through video.

With that comes an opportunity to make money writing: the screenwriting role.

In general, when we talk about the script, we think only about movies, like Hollywood ones. However, let’s remember that even a short video, to be of quality, needs a script.

Of course, you can be a screenwriter for big movies or independent movies made by yourself. But if you don’t already do it and want to start, one opportunity is to write scripts for YouTube videos , for example.

Offer this type of service to people you know who have ideas for video topics, but don’t film because they don’t know how to talk about a certain issue in front of the cameras.

So you get to earn money by developing these people’s ideas into a script, and maybe even be a partner or co-producer on these people’s YouTube channel.

Also, many companies that have a YouTube channel need scriptwriters. Therefore, this is a way to earn money that is not necessarily autonomous, since you can apply for openings in that role.

How to get a job and earn money writing in these areas?

Now that you have understood how to make money writing, we are going to give you some quick tips to help you get a job in one of these 7 areas that we present.

You must be thinking that, to work in the writing of texts, it is necessary to be from the humanities area and, preferably, take letters or advertising. But, it is good that you know that every person who knows how to read and write can produce good texts.

It is clear that if you have a specialization in an area that involves language studies, writing may be an easier task. But if that is not your case, remember that it is always possible to develop the ability to write.

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