How to Reset and Setup Setek WiFi Extender?

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At times, a hundred users reset their WiFi range extender. The reason is, a user is forced to reset the extender if he/ she have forgotten the admin password, failed to update the firmware, the extender is not performing well, and so on. To cope up with the issue, you give a number of troubleshooting tips a try, but you are no other choice left with than to reset your WiFi extender back to factory default values. Resetting the Setek extender would be a final resort to deal with extender-related issues. If you are stuck with an issue and want to reset your extender, then this article will prove helpful to you. Here, we have provided complete instructions on how to reset Setek WiFi extender back to the default settings with ease. Let’s get started!

Steps to Reset Setek WiFi Extender

Highlighted below are the step-by-step instructions to execute the reset process like a pro:

Step 1: First things first, you have to disconnect your range extender from your router, PC, laptop, and mobile devices. Remove the Ethernet cable as well (if any).

Step 2: You are not supposed to unplug your WiFi range extender while the resetting process is going on. Instead, you must ensure that your range extender is properly plugged in and receiving steady yet fluctuation-free power supply from its respective wall outlet.

Step 3: Find the reset button on your Setek WiFi range extender. Upon finding the extender’s reset hole/ button, you have to press it gently using a paper clip, oil pin, ball pen, or any similar object. Keep in mind, the reset process should be pressed for more than 10 seconds. Once you are done counting from 1-10, release the extender’s reset hole. The extender’s LEDs will start blinking and become stable shortly.

Your Setek WiFi range extender is reset successfully. Now, you need to scroll down a little and know how to configure it again in an instant.

How to Setup Setek WiFi Extender?

We are going to provide you one of the easiest methods to configure the extender, i.e. using the WPS method. Why WPS? Because, we know that you have already been pissed off experiencing issues with the extender and then resetting it. That is why, we are making the hard part easy for you.

The instructions to set up the Setek WiFi range extender are provided below:

Step 1: Place your WiFi extender in the same room where you have placed your host router.

Step 2: Turn on your devices. Ensure that you have used well-working wall sockets for plugging in your router and the extender.

Step 3: Press the WPS button on your Setek extender and wait for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Press the WPS button on your host router.

In this manner, you can set up your Setek extender while relaxing on your couch using the WPS method. But, if you don’t have the WPS-feature router, you can use the manual method to configure the extender.

Steps to Set up Setek Extender Manually

Switch on your computer or laptop and connect it to your Setek extender using Ethernet or wireless source.

Open a web browser. Make sure that the web browser you have opened isn’t outdated.

Log in to your Setek extender using IP. Cross-check IP after entering it and ensure that it doesn’t consist of typing errors.

Setek extender setup page will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions and configure your device without hindrance.

Thus, Setek WiFi extender setup process completes using the manual method.

The Last Words

Now that you have set up your Setek WiFi range extender from scratch, you can connect your client devices to the extended SSID and enjoy using the internet to the fullest. If you want, you can move your Setek extender to a new location in your hope, but within the reach of your host router always. Here’s to hope that we have helped you out in resetting and setting up the extender. If so, allow us to conclude our article. On the off chance, you need to reset your Setek device again, bookmark this piece of writing. Doing so will prevent you from wasting your precious time on Google in search for the same instructions.

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