Interview with Ralfiz & Fly-D “Better Stay”

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Interviewer: Hi Ralfiz and Fly-D, thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us a bit about how you two came to collaborate on the song “Better Stay”?

Ralfiz: Sure, I met Fly-D through a mutual friend and we hit it off right away. We talked about doing a collaboration for a while and finally found the perfect opportunity with “Better Stay.”

Fly-D: Yeah, it was great to work with Ralfiz. He’s a talented artist and producer, and I knew that together we could create something special.

Interviewer: That’s great to hear. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the song?

Ralfiz: For me, “Better Stay” is all about those summer vibes. I wanted to create a track that makes you feel good and want to dance.

Fly-D: And for me, it was about bringing together different elements of house music to create a unique sound. We wanted to make something that people could listen to and enjoy, whether they’re at a party or just relaxing at home.

Interviewer: That’s really interesting. Can you tell us about the creative process for the song? How did you work together to bring your ideas to life?

Fly-D: Well, we started by talking about the kind of sound we wanted to create. We both had some ideas in mind, so we started experimenting with different beats and melodies until we found something that felt right.

Ralfiz: Yeah, it was a really collaborative process. We both brought our own strengths to the table and worked together to make sure the song was the best it could be.

Interviewer: That’s great to hear. And how has the response been to the song so far?

Ralfiz: It’s been amazing. We’ve had so many people reach out to us and tell us how much they love the track. It’s really inspiring to see how our music can connect with people.

Fly-D: Yeah, it’s been a great experience. We’re just happy to have created something that people can enjoy and dance to.

Interviewer: Well, it sounds like “Better Stay” is definitely a hit. Where can listeners go to stream or purchase the song?

Ralfiz: The song is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. You can also find it on our website and social media pages.

Fly-D: And be sure to check out the music video too. We had a lot of fun making it and we think it really captures the energy of the song.

Interviewer: Fantastic. Well, thank you both for joining us today and sharing your insights into the making of “Better Stay.” We wish you all the best in your future musical endeavors.

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About Fly-D: Vladimir Lali alias Fly-D, has been working professionally as a DJ in Switzerland for over 5 years now. St.Gallen, Zurich and Basel are his hotspots. Of course, in 2018 he was not missing at the Streetparade as a DJ on one of the Lovemobiles. His own songs convince with qualitatively excellent sound. Fly-D has been active in larger clubs and bars for several years now. In 2021, DJ Fly-D started with Spotify and within a short time landed a feature with top Swiss producer Ralfiz, resulting in the EP Underground.

About Ralfiz: Ralfiz (born February 8, 1998; real name: Ralf Zimmermann) is a Swiss rapper and producer from Liechtenstein. In addition to drill, he also produces trap, house, rnb, and techno.


Ralfiz started taking drum lessons in middle school. The drums were his passion for a long time, until he started producing his own beats at the age of 17. His first publications appeared in 2017 on his YouTube channel, which is no longer officially listed today. From 2018, a few more beats followed on his current YouTube channel.
In early 2019 his instrumental album AP Iced Out was released via Spotify. At the end of the year, AP Iced Out 2 followed. In 2020, Ralfiz started rapping, getting his first features with Cole The VII and other well-known rappers on his album Gold Flow. His English language single The Bag was uploaded through his accounts in August 2020.
His first Swiss-German single Honey was released in 2021. With Honey, he was able to really gain a foothold in Switzerland for the first time. His single has now been streamed thousands of times. He then released two more singles Love Me and Free Me in mid-2021.

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