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Keep These Things in Mind When Looking For Coffee Pouches For Packaging

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Coffee pouches are an easy, environmentally friendly way to package coffee. But before you start printing up labels and ordering a production run from the manufacturer, there are a few things you need to do first. Entre Pouch offers the best material to make your custom pouches. Printed with various designs, the bags are designed in various materials that make them affordable and environmentally friendly. 

We’ve compiled a list of things to remember when looking for coffee pouch suppliers and manufacturers.

What To Consider When Getting Coffee Pouches For Packaging?

1. Know how much coffee you need to package

When working with a manufacturing company, you’ll want to discuss how much coffee you need to be packaged. That will depend on whether you’re packaging for retail or wholesale distribution. If this is for a single café, you’ll only need a few hundred bags. If it’s for the entire country, you’ll need to organize a production run of several thousand bags at once.

2. Don’t rush into anything

It’s important not to rush when it comes to your order. When selecting a pouch supplier, you want a company that can provide you with the highest quality pouches. Make sure that it will last for the longest time possible. The Coffee Pouches material should be strong and withstand heat and cold without breaking or tearing.

3. What is your budget?

When it comes time to work with a manufacturer, you’ll have to discuss your budget for the production order. That is not easy as a consumer since you don’t need to be in business. But with a little research and emailing the manufacturer, you can know what they will cost per unit and how many units they sell daily. That way, you’ll know if they can manufacture enough in a day so that they meet your needs.

4. How many colors are available?

One of the most important things to consider when getting coffee pouches for packaging is the variety of colors available. If you’re a business owner, then you’ll want to know if your company logo can be printed on each bag or if they can create a custom design for you. But with a little research, many companies will have different styles of their designs available for your order.

5. How long will it take to get my order?

When you’re getting coffee pouches for packaging, you want to know how much time will be needed to print and create your order. The more time they need, the more expensive it will be. That is because they must keep an employee focusing solely on production and creating your custom design. 

Why Choose Zip Lock Bags For Packaging?

1. They’re the most popular

Regarding coffee packaging, Zip lock bags are the most popular choice. They’re easy to use, don’t leak or tear, and are available at your local supermarket. So if you’re looking for the best way to package coffee pods and capsules, look no further than Zip Lock packing

2. They keep your coffee fresher and longer

When packaging your coffee, you want to ensure it stays fresh as long as possible. You might want to package one bag of coffee and make a new batch every month (or even less). But if you use the mesh pouches, it’s good for about four months in storage. More of your coffee will be consumed, and fresher coffee beans will be used.

3. They’re easy to transport

It goes hand in hand with the fact that they’re not only good for storage, but they’re also good for packing. They can be easily transported to a friend’s house because they come in a small package. Or you can take one or two with you on vacation or short trips. They are easy to pack and save space in your luggage as well.


Entre Pouch offers zip lock bags that are the perfect choice for packaging your custom coffee blends. The bags are made from recycled materials with various designs that make them popular with those looking for custom pouches. The bags are easy to assemble and can survive most environments without leaking or tearing. To know more contact us at 0999 885 7389.


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