List of Pakistan’s Top Heavy Bikes Under Five Million Rupees

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Motorcycling has returned to popularity in Pakistan as a result of the population’s growing desire for a better lifestyle. Special heavy bikes are available for youth. Many firms have built heavy bikes with various good features and specifications. When it comes to features and fuel efficiency, there is a huge price discrepancy as some manufacturers offer these things, while others don’t but still provide good looks. If you need a bike that meets all your style, ride, and enjoyment requirements, a heavy bike should be your first choice. You can choose the best bike from our list of various vintage heavy bikes in Pakistan for under 5 lakhs.

Heavy Bikes Under 5 Lakh in Pakistan:

  • Road Prince RX3
  • OW Ducatin 250cc
  • Benelli TNT 150i
  • Shelby V7250
  • OW S1000RR 250cc
  • Chinese Bikes OW R3 250cc
  • KEEWAY K-Light
  • ZXMCO Monster ZX 250-D


  1. Road Prince RX3:

The Road Prince RX3 is undoubtedly a welcome addition to Pakistan’s five lakh motorbike market. The motorcycle has a 16-liter fuel tank and a 250cc engine with an electric start. The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 485,000 and its performance is very good.


  1. OW 250cc Ducatin:

In OW Pakistan, a Ducatin 250cc heavy bike costs PKR 470,000. The sport bike has a 223 cc engine and a 13 liter fuel tank and is priced at less than 5 lakhs. There are choices for electric or manual start.


  1. Benelli TNT 150i:

Benelli TNT 150i is another high-quality addition to heavy bikes in Pakistan priced around 5 lakhs. The Benelli TNT 150i is powered by a 150-cc engine mated to a 5-speed transmission and has a 13.5-liter fuel capacity. The motorcycle price in Pakistan is PKR 440,000.


  1. Shelby V7250:

Under Rs 5 lakh, the Shelby V7250 is one of the best two-wheelers in Pakistan. A 223cc engine with an electric start, a 6-speed transmission, and a 14-liter fuel tank power the Shelby V7250. A sports bike in Pakistan costs Rs 435,000.



The heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 430,000. The bike has a 223cc engine and a 13-liter fuel tank, along with many other advanced features. The best option for you under 5 lakhs would be an electric or kickstart sports bike.


  1. OW S1000RR 250cc:

The OW S1000RR 250cc is a great option in Pakistan for under 5 lakhs if you are looking for a big bike with distinctive features. The sports bike has a 13-liter fuel tank with electric or kick-start options and a 250cc engine with a 6-speed transmission. The motorcycle is a great choice for a large bike in the PKR 425,000 price range.


  1. Cheney Bikes OW R3 250cc:

One of the top heavy bikes of Pakistan is the Cheney Bikes OW R3 250cc. The bike has a 223-cc engine, 13 L fuel tank, and is priced under 5 lakhs. Chinese Bikes OW R3 250cc Sports Bike Price in Pakistan is PKR 425,000.


  1. FUEGO TEKKEN 250:

FUEGO TEKKEN 250 is one of the biggest heavy-duty motorcycles in Pakistan priced under five lakh rupees. With a 223cc engine with a 13L petrol tank and kick start, the motorcycle is priced at PKR 425,000 in Pakistan. In Pakistan, motorcycles are the top option for under 5 lakhs.

  1. KEEWAY K-Light:

KEEWAY K-Light is a super heavy bike that is available in PKR 425,000 price range in Pakistan. The     bike is available for under 5 lacks in Pakistan with a 197cc engine and 11.08 L petrol tank capacity


  1. ZXMCO Monster ZX 250-D:

At less than 5 lakhs, the ZXMCO Monster ZX 250-D is one of the best two-wheelers in the Pakistani market. The motorcycle has an 18-liter petrol tank and a 248-cc petrol engine. The ZXMCO Monster ZX 250-D is available at PKR 425,000.

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