Lobster Claws and Knuckles

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Shoplobster claws and knuckles meat is a rich, full flavored delicacy prized by lobster lovers. It is harvested using a state of the art High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine, which separates the lobster’s meat from the shell while leaving it raw and preserving its delicate texture.

Lobster claw and knuckle meat adds an elegant touch to your menu’s cream-based dishes, such as mac & cheese and bisque. It also pairs well with fresh leafy green salads.

Product Description

Claw and knuckle meat is one of the most mouthwatering parts of lobster, with an especially satisfying, subtly sweet flavor. Our claw and knuckle meat is wild caught, cooked and flash frozen at peak freshness for consistent quality that’s ready to use in your favorite seafood recipes.

The raw lobster claw, tail and knuckle meat in this product is expertly removed from the shell and effectively “cold pasteurized” using an innovative high pressure process (HPP). Lobsters are loaded into a HPP machine where they undergo extreme cold water pressure—up to 40,000 psi—which separates the lobster meat from the shells while leaving the raw lobster intact.

Whether you’re serving lobster linguine, a lobster roll, or any other menu item that calls for claws and knuckles, these delicious Maine claw and knuckle meat will make your dish stand out on any plate. It’s a year-round delicacy that customers will always crave!

Nutritional Information

Lobster is an excellent source of protein, is low in saturated fat and contains a good amount of the nutrient Vitamin B 12. Vitamin B 12 is vital for healthy blood cells and normal nervous system function. It also contains a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health.

This lobster meat is harvested from wild certified Maine lobsters and processed without any heat, making it chemical and additive free. It is then frozen and thawed for your convenience.

Lobster is a very safe food for most people, even those with shellfish allergies or sensitivities. If you have any allergic symptoms such as itching, hives or swelling of your skin when eating lobster or other shellfish, see a doctor immediately for allergy testing and treatment. Allergies to lobster, crab and shrimp can develop in adulthood. Allergens are listed on the package. This lobster meat is gluten free.

Cooking Instructions

The lobster knuckle is a small, sphere-like portion of the claws that contains a significant amount of meat. It is a very popular part of the lobster and customers are always excited to see it offered on their menu. This lobster meat is pre-cooked and de-shelled for your convenience, eliminating the time consuming task of peeling and de-veining whole lobsters before cooking. It can be boiled, steamed or even grilled.

Use kitchen shears to cut the knuckle shell along its length and then pry open with a nutcracker or hammer to extract the lobster meat. Lobster knuckle meat is tender and has a mild taste. It pairs well with creamy and hearty dishes like mac n cheese, risotto, pot pies and lobster bisque. It is also delicious on traditional East Coast-style lobster rolls served in a soft hot dog bun. It can also be added to fresh, crispy green salads accompanied by a light oil vinaigrette or a classic caesar dressing.


Lobster claw and knuckle meat are among the most tender parts of the lobster, offering your patrons a melt-in-the-mouth richness. This seafood delicacy has become a staple of East Coast cuisine, serving as an ingredient in many popular dishes including pasta, risotto, pot pies, and of course lobster rolls.

This product is harvested using a state-of-the-art High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine, which helps to retain the sweet taste and texture of the lobster, while also eliminating any food safety hazards. HPP is a non-thermal technology that uses cold water and extreme high-pressure to separate the meat from the shell.

Boston Lobster Company’s claw and knuckle lobster meat is cooked and flash-frozen at peak freshness so you can easily add it to traditional cream-based entrees or create your own unique recipes. Lobster knuckle and claw meat pairs well with dishes that have a definitive bite, such as hearty grains like rice or al dente pasta. It is also delicious with crisp, leafy green salads that allow the lobster’s flavor to shine.


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