Neograft Instruments
Neograft Instruments

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NeoGraft is a name brand for hair-restoration instruments that employ a method known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to transfer hair from one area in the body into another. FUE is the process of removing individual hair follicles out of the donor region (usually the rear of the head) by using a specific device, and then transferring them into the area of recipient (usually the area of balding).

Neograft Instruments

The Neograft Instruments makes use of motorized punches to remove hair follicles. The system is designed to minimize the trauma to the hair follicles as well as the surrounding tissue. The system also has suction devices that take the follicles that are extracted from the scalp, and an implanting device made of mechanical that puts the follicles into the area of recipient.

One of the benefits of the NeoGraft method is that it doesn’t leave a linear scar as that of strip hair restoration which requires removing a strip of hair from the donor region. Instead the tiny sites of extraction recover quickly and are almost unnoticeable.

It is vital to understand that even though the NeoGraft procedure is a well-known and efficient tool to restore hair However, the effectiveness of the procedure ultimately depends on the skills and expertise of the surgeon who is performing the procedure.

Plastic Surgical Instruments

To ensure accuracy and precision, our plastic surgical instruments are made using premium components and cutting-edge technology. To create and produce tools that satisfy the greatest standards of safety and effectiveness, we collaborate with eminent surgeons and medical experts.

For every stage of plastic surgery, from preoperative to postoperative care, our collection of plastic surgical instruments offers a wide range of tools. We have a wide range of equipment, such as tissue forceps, breast retractors, and liposuction cannulas.

Cannulas for liposuction

Liposuction is a well-liked cosmetic operation that eliminates extra body fat from various locations. To ensure uniform and effective fat removal, our liposuction cannulas are made with several apertures. To accommodate various patient needs and surgeon preferences, we provide a range of sizes and shapes.

Mammary Retractors

An other common plastic surgery operation is breast augmentation. Our breast retractors are made to give surgeons performing breast surgery the most visibility and access possible. To make sure that every patient has the best outcomes, we offer retractor blades in a variety of sizes and forms.

Forceps for tissue

Instruments like tissue forceps are necessary for doing plastic surgery. To enable secure grabbing and manipulation of delicate tissues, our tissue forceps have precise tips and serrated jaws. To meet various surgical requirements, we provide a range of forceps with various lengths and angles.

Various Instruments

In addition to tissue forceps, breast retractors, and liposuction cannulas, we provide a wide variety of other plastic surgical tools. These tools include retractors, scalpels, and many others. In order to provide your patients with the finest care possible, our tools are built with safety and effectiveness in mind.


We at Accurate Surgical are committed to provide top-notch plastic surgery tools that adhere to the strictest safety and effectiveness requirements. Our equipment is made with accuracy and precision, resulting in the best outcomes for each patient. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our selection of plastic surgery tools and how we can help you with your surgical requirements.

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