New Features of Adobe Bridge 2022

New Features of Adobe Bridge 2022

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If you have been using the previous versions of Adobe Bridge, then it’s time to upgrade to the latest version. With this new version, you can visualize and organize your creative assets with advanced search, filters, and collections. This version also allows you to edit your assets inside your Creative Cloud applications. For example, the Photo Downloader lets you download, rename, and convert your images to DNG formats. In addition, you can open raw images straight from Bridge.

Cache management

Adobe Bridge has several options to manage cache files. You can delete items that are older than 30 days, or set a timer that will automatically remove them. You can also select a location for the cache files. The new location will be used the next time you start Adobe Bridge. This change improves performance and allows you to manage your cache files more effectively.

In addition, the new version of Adobe Bridge will revamp thumbnails and previews. It will also incorporate metadata that can be used for search and filtering. You can even create custom workflows for specific files. Adobe Bridge is available for Windows and Mac OS 10.x systems. It is a powerful tool that will make your life easier.

Bridge has improved its responsiveness when you browse large collections of assets. It will prioritize thumbnails and previews when needed. It will also prioritize metadata extraction on all assets. This means that it will take less time to view your projects. In addition to the updated features, you can create panoramic composites.

If you want to use the latest version of Adobe Bridge, you must make sure to uninstall the programs that are interfering with it. Some of these programs include firewalls. They interfere with Adobe Bridge’s ability to read cache files. This could cause Adobe Bridge to crash, as the software cannot read a corrupted folder. If you can’t remove these programs, you can always disable them by changing the preferences. You can also force the program to open to the desktop instead of the previous location.

Editing capture time

One of the most important features of Adobe Bridge 2022 is the ability to edit the capture time of your images. Bridge enables you to do this by adding keywords, enabling you to edit the metadata on a photo, or by removing them completely. The program also allows you to create custom tags and keywords to make future searches easier. It works with both JPEG and RAW images, and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. You may also want to consider upgrading to the latest version of the program, as it supports ACR.

You can also use the Loupe tool to zoom into the photo and examine it more closely. The tool is most useful in the Output tab, which helps you decide what to do next with your creative assets. The Output tab shows the images you’ve selected in a folder at the bottom of the screen. You can then drag and drop them onto the Export options, which include file format and destination.

In addition to adding new options for editing and adjusting image settings, Adobe Bridge 2022 also offers a more intuitive interface. The new version allows you to set a custom user interface and customize your text size and scaling. The software has a new and improved CC Library, which makes it easier to organise your photos.

If you’re using a RAW or JPEG image file, you’ll probably want to change the time at which the picture was taken. To do this, you need to make sure that the timestamps are between 18 seconds and eight minutes. After confirming the changes, you’ll see the time in which the photos were captured.


Adobe Bridge is a great tool that helps you organize your photos. You can import images from other Adobe applications into Adobe Bridge and work on them in a single program. The program also helps you manage audio-video-multimedia databases and virtual collections. These collections are created without copying originals.

You can automate tasks such as video and image conversion, uploading to Creative Cloud, or sending emails with converted images. Workflows can also be saved as presets. You can also customize the Workflow Progress dialog by using the Options panel. The Workflow Progress dialog can show the job’s progress and has a cancel button.

Another feature of Adobe Bridge is batch editing. With batch editing, you can add watermarks and centralized color preferences. The program also allows you to upload your photos to Adobe Stock. Another great feature of the program is the CC Libraries, which help you organize your work. This feature makes your workflow faster and easier. The user interface can be customized to your needs by going to Edit -> Preferences > Interface. Additionally, you can view high-quality previews of your images. In addition, you can select multiple items to preview them at once.

You can also use Adobe Bridge for working with RAW images. When you import your images to Adobe Bridge, it launches the Adobe Camera Raw program within Photoshop CC. You can then edit your images with the Edit menu, Crop and Rotate, Spot Removal, Masking, Red Eye Removal, Snapshots, Presets, and More Tools. To export your files, you can also select the export format you want.

If you’re using Creative Cloud for your creative project, Adobe Bridge is free to use. It’s the best choice for creative professionals. There are many features in Adobe Bridge that can help you design and share stunning photos.


Adobe Bridge 2022 comes with a new feature that lets you add scripts to your application. These scripts are run directly from the application, not from the user preferences panel like InDesign or Photoshop. To add a script to the application, you need to navigate to the Startup Scripts folder. This folder is hidden by default and requires some steps to make it visible.

The new Scripts for Adobe Bridge 2022 feature lets you create and customize custom file browsing views, export metadata from selected thumbnails, and customize navigation bars and dialog boxes. The new functionality is perfect for those who have extensive experience with JavaScript and want to automate their workflow. This feature is also available for existing programs, such as Adobe Bridge and Adobe InCopy.

Adobe Bridge 2022 is similar to a file manager, but with some extra features to make it useful for managing your digital assets. It can automate your workflow through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and InCopy. Once you’ve installed and enabled the script, you can use it to automate your workflow.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to your scripts. To do so, you can access the Scripts Panel from your product menu. If you don’t have a shortcut already, click the New Shortcut button to assign it. The script will then be available on your keyboard by double-clicking it.

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