Parquet floors made easy

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The undeniable beauty of parquet is financially unattainable for many people. A cost comparison between replacing the old, worn carpet and installing parquet shows that the choice of landhausdielen parquet is cheaper if you install it yourself.

If you don’t have a subfloor that can be sanded and painted, you can consider a do-it-yourself hardwood floor. Eight or twelve inch squares of finished oak are available in a variety of stains ranging from dark walnut like oak to pale naturals. The wood grain is preserved in all finishes and the final clear coat withstands most abuse.

First, of course, the carpet and all moldings and nails must be removed.
A solid, level surface is required for a professional-looking installation. Problem surfaces may need to be covered with half an inch of plywood. The oak squares can be installed on concrete with a special putty. Any depressions or bumps in the concrete must be leveled out with a quick-fill spatula. A final good vacuum will remove any loose grains of cement.

Just like ceramic tile, start laying the oak squares along a center line.

The mastic will remain tacky for 15 minutes, making it possible to apply the mastic in a double row across the room with a serrated trowel. I recommend wearing knee pads and heavy duty rubber gloves. Your work clothes will be made unwearable after the project , so be prepared. A rubber mallet will come in handy to hold the squares in place as you walk. Except for the last two rows, the new surface can be walked on in 30 minutes. Be careful not to spread mastic on the new surface. GooGone Mastic Remover should be used to remove unwanted mastic.

Using a small chop or miter saw, carefully trim the edges to fit exactly. A fine quarter-round bar hides any slightly imperfect edges. Before installation, stain and coat the molding with clear varnish to match the color of the oak squares. If there are unavoidable height differences between the floor surfaces, for example between the living room and the kitchen, a beveled oak strip can preserve the edge and create a pleasing transition. No more than three-eighths of an inch difference in elevation is recommended.

Your beautiful new parquet floor can be upgraded with carpets. The rugs not only add a decorative look to your room, but they can also be turned over to wear them evenly. They can be changed in no time and sent for occasional cleaning. To keep your new floor looking new, it’s a good idea to put a shoe cabinet near the front door so everyone in the house can comfortably wear slippers ( except holiday guests). Even fertigparkett though the clear coat is impervious to dirt and water, you may want to apply a coat of a good quality carnauba wax to the finish. You will enjoy your new parquet floor for many years and increase the value of your home.

As a retired portrait photographer, I laid out hardwood floors in the living room and master bedroom.


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