Plan a Destination Wedding in Shimla for a Beguiling Fete

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When spending vacations in hill stations, Shimla is among the top travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh. But apart from exploring its exquisite natural beauty, this Summer Capital of India has also become a popular choice among couples who love to have a fairytale experience in tying the knot amidst its alluring landscapes, lush greenery, & breathtaking mountains. Even though planning a destination wedding in Shimla is not daydreaming, still, it is not as easy as you may think.

No, we don’t intend to make you fret or drop the idea of getting married in Shimla, but to draw your attention towards the factors that should be considered before planning your special occasion. We are saying this because the success of your lifetime event depends a lot on them. Paying attention to them will make your marriage function a success. So join us in this article as we bring you those points you should note to expect a positive output. 

Factors to consider when planning a destination wedding in Shimla

Below are the factors you must consider to plan your wedding at grand scale.

Nearby connectivity

When browsing for the destination wedding venues in Shimla, make sure it should have good connectivity to put your guests at ease in navigating the exact location of your wedding spot. Don’t let them go through an unpleasant travelling experience. 

Calculating the budget

Planning for a fairytale wedding in Shimla can turn into an expensive affair. Make sure you have your pockets filled with ample cash to afford all the expenditures falling under your budget.

Hiring a wedding planner

If you want your special event to be celebrated at a grand level, it has to be carefully done, giving no room for lacunas. It may not be possible for you to pay attention to every meticulous detailing & preparation, as there are multiple tasks to do in a limited time. Hence, we suggest you hire an experienced wedding planner who would ease your stress by assisting & guiding you with all kinds of wedding preparation. 

Referring the local vendor

When planning to tie the knot in Shimla, you should refer to the local vendors who would facilitate in serving authentic Himachali cuisines to tantalise your guests’ taste buds. Moreover, it will prove cost-saving contrary to what you pay prominent city vendors for their travel & stay.

Hire a professional photographer

There are many things to do in Shimla, including the pre-wedding shoot that gives you the advantage of taking trials of make-up & hair styling before the final stage. But other than that, you can also get yourself clicked amidst the picturesque locations of Shimla for a memorable album. You need to hire a professional photographer who will do the best job using his efficient photography skills.

Best season to plan your dream wedding in Shimla

Before booking for the wedding venues in Shimla, you should be aware of the climatic conditions, which is a crucial factor to consider.

  • Spring: The climate in Shimla during the spring is ideal to get married. It begins from March to April when the temperature is between 10℃ to 20℃ with a clear sky. The occurrence of thunderstorms & rainfall is normal here. 
  • Summer: May to June is the best time to go with Shimla itinerary plan. The temperature during this time ranges from 16℃ to 28℃. The weather is very pleasant here, with moderate heat. 
  • Monsoon: You might find it interesting to get married during the monsoon season (from July to September) in Shimla, but it is not the right weather as there is a possibility of heavy rainfall & landslides. So please avoid it.
  • Winter: If not monsoon, then it must be winter, you may think of. But the climate is not appropriate to plan your special event in this weather as it becomes too chilly in this hill station. So it would be better to opt for the summer or spring season.

Booking the top luxury resort in Shimla

After briefing you with essential factors & the best season to have a soulful union with the love of your life, let us suggest the best wedding venue in Shimla. It is jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa. It is a 5-star luxury resort in Mashobra, a small quaint town connected to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Before booking this wedding resort, let us brief you on its facilities, starting from:


With 28 rooms, each equipped with private balconies, from where you can have a lovely view of the surrounding hills & lush greenery, jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa ensures a luxury stay for its visitors. From any room, you can enjoy the lovely view of the surrounding hills & lush greenery. You can expect all the world-class amenities in all the rooms, including LED TVs, tea/coffee makers, internet connectivity, plush beddings, & much more. The traditional wooden interiors here will keep you warm from chilly cold during winter. 

Banquet hall

From the perspective of organising special events, this luxury resort is at its best in having a banquet hall named CEDAR ROOM, spread at 2500 sq. ft. It comprises 6 seating style rooms, including Theater Style, Cluster Style, Sitdown Style, Class Room Style, Cocktail Style, & U Shape Style. Besides these, you will also notice a lawn area, which is 3200 sq. ft. 


The multi-cuisine restaurant Sabor is at its best in serving its guests a wide range of Indian, continental, & international cuisines. While at the Air Bar, guests can have a refreshing session with a variety of cocktails & mocktails. The Kaafal Cafe within the resort lets its visitors enjoy the serene surroundings of Mashobra while savouring a delectable taste of desserts & drinks.

Recreational activities

At jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa, indulging in a therapeutic body session at the spa, & dipping in an outdoor swimming pool are recreational activities for guests to relax. 


Considering all the factors mentioned in this article will help you succeed in your destination wedding in Shimla. Weddings are lifelong events which are celebrated with much excitement. It is a special day for the groom & bride and signifies the union of two families. Shimla, as we all know, is a famous travel destination that has always continued to attract tourist footfall as this hilly town is blessed with natural bounty. 

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