RED dUNES Desert safari Dubai

Planning a Red Dunes Desert Safari in Dubai

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Planning a desert safari begins by considering your travel goals and preferences as well as consulting with an experienced travel agent in order to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Red Dunes Desert Safari provide an exciting adventure through Arabian Deserts. Enjoy activities such as Dune Bashing and Sand Boarding to make this trip truly thrilling.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing in Dubai can be a thrilling way to see the desert, with 4×4 vehicles zooming up and down sand dunes at high speed. While dune bashing may be bumpy at times, most safari drivers are experienced professionals that know exactly how to handle situations that arise during such excursions.

Dune Bashing


Sand dune drives typically end right before sunset to give you the best opportunity to capture stunning photos of the desert’s golden light. After that, head on back to a Bedouin camp for a buffet dinner and activities such as camel riding, henna painting, shisha smoking, and traditional dancing – and then it’s off to bed!

Quad biking or sand boarding offer more relaxing ways of exploring Dubai’s attractions, while stargazing using binoculars will let you observe the night sky. Our 6-hour Premium Red Dunes Safari gives visitors the best of Dubai!

Camel Riding

Desert safaris in Dubai provide an unforgettable experience of Arabian culture. A typical desert safari typically entails jeep driving across mounds of shifting sand (known as “dune bashing”), camel riding and dining at an authentic Bedouin camp. To experience it all to the fullest extent possible, book one that operates on Red Dunes Desert (Lahbab), featuring higher dunes that make this desert even more stunning than regular Dubai desert.

Camel Riding

After a thrilling dune bashing session, take some time to unwind on the back of a camel as you take in stunning desert landscape views. At our desert camp, traditional Arabic coffee and sweet treats await us before trekking out onto our camel caravan to watch the sun sink below the sand dunes; get your henna tattoo applied and even pose with our falcon as part of bedouin tradition before enjoying our barbecue buffet dinner with both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options available for dinner.


Desert safaris provide the ideal way to escape Dubai’s city life and relax with loved ones or experience its rich culture. A desert safari will definitely provide an unforgettable experience that won’t soon be forgotten!

Red Dunes desert safari is an enjoyable way to experience the desert and watch its magnificent sunset. Activities on offer include dune bashing, camel riding and a barbecue dinner complete with drinks; plus you’ll get some amazing henna art done as well as watching live performances!

Dune Buggy

An overnight desert safari is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to spend their night sleeping under the stars in a tent. Offering more relaxation than its counterpart, dune bashing, star gazing, constellation tracking and sleeping under the stars all come together into a memorable adventure! Luxury camps will even provide tents, sleeping bags and mattresses so no hassle of packing equipment for yourself is necessary!


Set out on an action-packed journey into Dubai’s timeless desert! Experience dune bashing in Lahbab Open Desert, challenging yourself with sandboarding or riding a camel, before enjoying an unforgettable evening under the stars – this trip is ideal for adventure seekers and families.

At the center of this experience is a traditional Arabian buffet dinner at a Bedouin-style campsite, providing you with an opportunity to relax on the sand dunes, watch dance performances from tanoura dancers, fire shows, belly dancing, take photos of sunset and enjoy smoking shisha before getting your hand hennaed by expert body painters for an amazing tattoo design! Perfect for all age groups including pregnant women or those with serious medical conditions (dune bashing is slightly dangerous but we ensure you are in safe hands of experienced safari drivers!).

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