Playboy partners with a platform for mobile model searches.

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Playboy has introduced its first mobile model search, which is a smart use of the platform and the brand. Don’t get too enthused just yet; it’s not what you think.

In order for mobile users to see and vote for Miss Playboy Mobile 2008 using their handset, Playboy Mobile is inviting ladies over 18 to join and create an online profile. The women can’t be exposed.

foreign internet at Playboy Enterprises Inc.

According to Ed Lang, senior vice president and general manager of mobile and foreign internet at Playboy Enterprises Inc., the campaign was intended to be an additional lifestyle effort.

“We want to emphasize the lifestyle component of what the brand stands for, and in looking for ways to sustain brand perceptions, we expanded into mobile,” he said. We believed that including ladies in this activity would be entertaining and fascinating.

The winner will be dubbed Miss Playboy Mobile 2008 and awarded

A part of Playboy Enterprises is Playboy Mobile. Playboy magazine, Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, and Playboy Online are all part of the Playboy empire.

On March 15, the initial voting for Miss Playboy Mobile 2008 comes to a close. They’ll be flown to Las Vegas once the top 10 finalists have been chosen. On March 31, the winner will be declared.

On April 2 during the CTIA exhibition in Las Vegas, the winner will be crowned Miss Playboy Mobile 2008 in an invitation-only ceremony at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort.

Playboy is also using digital much more.

There is no Playmate or nudity in this mobile campaign, unlike the typical Playboy searches. Playboy is also using digital much more.

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Playboy partners with a platform for the mobile model

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This complete embrace of mobile is a reflection of Playboy’s

aspirational brand-expansion initiatives. In addition to launching a Playboy store in London and a television program called “The Ladies Next Door,” starring Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends Holly, Bridgette, and Kendra, the business recently established a casino in Las Vegas.

According to Mr. Lang, the Playboy project aims to give customers a variety of avenues of contact.

The number of women who sign up, how many make it into the competition, and how much traffic and visitor interaction there is during the promotion will all be used to gauge the effectiveness of the Miss Playboy Mobile 2008 campaign.

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