Priority Service for Expedited Processing of Sponsor Licence Applications

Priority Service for Expedited Processing of Sponsor Licence Applications!

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UK employers require a sponsor licence to hire international talents for their organisation. Acquiring a licence can take more than three to eight weeks, but to lessen this time period UKVI (The Home Office) provides priority service to accelerate the processing of sponsor licence applications. It gives the immense ability to employers appeal to a fast-tracked verdict on their sponsor licence application. In this particular blog, we have mentioned some significant ways, per the guidance of the UK government, that can help you fasten up your application. You will get to know how sponsor licence priority service works. So let’s dive deep into this process and get you a licence as soon as possible. 

A Structure Model of Sponsor Licence Priority Service

Priority service for a sponsor licence was structured in November 2020. This specific service has been introduced to accelerate the process of acquiring a sponsor licence to hire international workers by UK employers. In this regard, UKVI (Home office) offers employers to pay an amount to fasten up their application processing. It scales down the time usually taken between applying for a sponsor licence and hiring a migrant worker to come and stay in the United Nations for work purposes. With the help of this peculiar priority service, UK employers can quickly fill a vacant position in their organisation without any disruption. This exceptional service is specially designed for organisations or businesses required to hire workers urgently.

Now let’s look into the concerned part as in how much time priority service takes to issue a worker sponsor licence. Generally, standard processing takes eight weeks, but if you go for a priority service, you can get a licence within ten working days. Although the ten-working day period will start from the date when UKVI receives your documents along with the application and payment. But due to some of the specific reasons, if your application requires extra hours for analysis, you may not be able to receive a licence during this time. In this scenario, you may receive an email from UKVI that may guide you on what you require to do next. On the other hand, you can minimise the chance of such a disappointing situation by getting along with sponsor licence solicitors. They can help you with the documentation so that UKVI can easily grant your application and provide you with the licence within the time period of priority service. It is better to take help instead of getting rejected. 

How to Apply for a Priority Service Sponsor Licence

Here are some criteria necessary to get a sponsor licence on a priority basis; you must consider all the following points.

  • UKVI Priority service only allows first-time UK employers to accelerate their sponsor licence application.
  • First, register yourself on the “online sponsor application” registration page of UKVI. 
  • After the successful registration, you can easily log into the application log-in page. 
  • At this stage, you must precisely fill out the application form and email all the valid documents within five working days. 
  • Send the submitted application form to the UKVI with a sign and date given by your authorising officer. 

After this process, you can submit a priority service request for your sponsor licence. 

How to Expedite Priority Service for Sponsor Licence Applications

There are multiple ways to avoid delays while applying for a priority basis sponsor licence. We have mentioned some of them in the following points.

  • Must submit a valid sponsor licence application with attached documents and a signed copy of the authorised officer. Always check your sent box and ensure you have completed the application process.
  • UK Employers must arrange all the supporting documents before applying. In this way, you will always get all the documents required to send the UKVI. 
  • Only submit your priority request during operation hours; UKVI will not consider proposals for a quicker response sent at any other time.
  • Due to the enormous demand for the priority service and the daily allocation cap, it frequently takes numerous requests even to be granted access to this service. So be prepared to make multiple priority service requests. 
  • You must make the payment within 72 hours to avoid delays once UKVI accepts your request. 
  • To maintain the accuracy of your sponsor application, you should take the help of sponsor licence solicitors. 


The above-mentioned ways can help you take advantage of priority service and expedite the processing of sponsor licence applications. Apart from that, if you want to diminish the hurdles of acquiring a sponsor licence on a priority basis, you can come along with A Y & J Solicitors. We are an immigration law firm with comprehensive experience in work visa applications. We carry a legacy of understanding immigration law and have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to bringing results. For any assistance regarding UK immigration law, contact us today at +44 20 7404 7933.

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