Ariston dryer repair Abu Dhabi
Ariston dryer repair Abu Dhabi


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When a dryer runs correctly, we usually don’t think much of it. However, when something goes wrong, it can affect your daily life. Here are some of the most common dryer problems and their solutions like checking it manually or contacting Ariston dryer repair in Abu Dhabi so you can immediately return to your laundry routine.

Most common dryer problem and their solution:

The four most common dryer problems and their solutions

1 – Why isn’t my dryer drying?

The dryer is hot, but the clothes are still drying slowly. A clogged dryer and poor air circulation can create a fire hazard. Check the following parts for clogging:

– Lint filter: A clogged lint filter can block airflow, resulting in longer drying times and increased energy consumption. Empty the lint filter after each wash to prevent clogging and to ensure efficient product operation. Remove the lint filter every few months and soak it in warm, soapy water to remove residue from dryer sheets or fabric softener.

– Lint Filter: The lint filter passages can become clogged. Clean the lint filter with a lint brush or dryer vacuum every few months.

– Air: Dryer vents can also become clogged with lint over time. Clean the vent at least once a year with a lint brush or vacuum.

2-Why does my dryer squeak?

A squeaky dryer can mean that a foreign object has entered the drum, a screw is loose, or a part is worn and needs to be replaced. Read your dryer repair manual to find the cause of the annoying squeak or contact your near repair service center like Ariston service center Abu Dhabi.

3-Why isn’t the dryer heating up?

If the dryer is no longer as hot as it used to be and takes a little longer to dry, this can be fixed with routine maintenance. However, if the dryer doesn’t heat up, the entire washing process may be interrupted. By understanding the most common reasons why dryers don’t heat up, you can determine if repairs or new parts are needed:

Heating element: If the dryer does everything but heat, the heating element is probably the first suspect. Unfortunately, the heating element cannot be repaired but can be replaced. Consult the model’s user manual for replacement instructions.

– Thermostats: The dryer has several thermostats to control its internal temperature. If one or more of these thermostats is faulty, the heating element may not receive a heating signal. You know what that means: cold, wet laundry. Thermostats can be checked, repaired or replaced, but it takes some electrical knowledge to do the job correctly.

– Timer motor: This small device controls how and when power is supplied to individual components. If something goes wrong with the timer, the heating element may not heat up while the drum runs. This means the laundry is warm but still damp. It is usually possible to replace the heating element without replacing the entire motor.

– Wrong voltage: Sometimes, a tumble dryer that doesn’t heat up doesn’t get the proper voltage. Check your home’s main electrical panel to ensure all switches is in the correct position. If there is a fuse box, check that the fuses have not blown. If necessary, reset the fuses or replace blown fuses.

4- Why doesn’t the tumble dryer turn on?

If the dryer won’t turn on and you’ve already checked for blown circuit breakers or fuses, it’s time to address other problems:

– DRIVE MOTOR: If you notice that the tumble dryer gets too hot before switching off and has to stop for a while before starting again, the drive motor may be covered in lint or badly damaged. In this case, the dryer should be switched off to prevent overheating. If necessary, the drive motor can be cleaned or replaced.

– AIRFLOW: If hot air is not adequately ventilated, the dryer will overheat and switch off. A clogged or kinked vent hose is relatively easy to repair, but if it becomes damaged over time, the part may need to be replaced.

– Fuse or thermal cut-off: If any of these problems occur, a fuse or thermal switch will turn off the dryer to prevent further damage. However, the part itself may be damaged. In this case, a professional should inspect, repair, or replace the piece.

– Moisture sensor: This part may be the culprit if the dryer detects moisture and program the drying cycle accordingly. If the sensor is faulty or covered with conditioner, the dryer may assume wet clothes are dry and switch off prematurely.

– DOOR SWITCH: The dryer will only start drying if the dryer door is fully closed and the door switch is on. If the door switch is damaged or defective, the dryer does not know when the door is closed and, therefore, does not start. If the door switch is the cause, replace it with one approved by the manufacturer.

Does the tumble dryer keep shutting down? Call the experts.

If you’re dryer problem is more complicated than a simple DIY repair, our expert technicians are ready to help. We have the training, technology and genuine appliance parts to diagnose and repair the problem effectively, usually on the first visit.

The technicians at household fixing have a large stock of parts in their service vans. Additional service may be required if details are unavailable in the service van.



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