TRQ Suspension Parts
TRQ Suspension Parts

TRQ Suspension Parts: Quality Components for High quality parts

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You’re looking to squeeze some extra performance out of your vehicle, but you know that means upgrading beyond just the engine or exhaust. To truly enhance handling and control, you need to start with the fundamentals – the suspension. TRQ suspension parts are designed specifically for performance vehicles, using high-quality materials to give you a smooth, responsive ride for the street or track.

Whether you drive a sports car, off-roader, or tuner, TRQ has you covered with application-specific components to lower your center of gravity, reduce body roll, and increase cornering grip. Their CNC-machined control arms, adjustable coilovers, performance shocks and springs, sway bar kits, and bushings are all precision-engineered to optimize your suspension geometry without compromising ride quality or longevity.

So if you’re ready to push the limits of performance, start from the ground up with a suspension system built for champions. TRQ designs and builds their components in Southern California, so you know you’re getting the best quality and performance possible for your specific vehicle demands. Take your ride from good to great with TRQ.

TRQ Suspension Parts Provide Superior Handling and Control

With TRQ suspension parts, you’ll experience handling and control like never before. Their precision-engineered components are rigorously tested to withstand the most grueling conditions.

Superior Strength and Durability

TRQ uses only the highest quality materials to produce suspension parts that last. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and hardened steel parts are CNC-machined to exacting tolerances. You get OE-level fit and performance with the strength to handle whatever you throw at them.

Enhanced Performance

Whether you’re carving up a twisty mountain road or tearing through the desert, TRQ has you covered. Their coilover kits, control arms, sway bars, and shocks provide an optimized ride for high performance driving. Adjustable components let you fine-tune your setup for maximum grip and responsiveness.

Customizable for Your Vehicle

TRQ makes suspension parts for a wide range of makes and models, from Mazda Miatas to Ford Mustangs to Chevy Camaros. No matter what you drive, you can find coilover kits, control arms, anti-roll bars, and shock absorbers designed specifically for your vehicle. Dial in the perfect stance and handling for your unique needs.

With TRQ, you get suspension parts designed and built to take your driving experience to the next level. For unbeatable strength, performance, and customization, TRQ is the brand of choice for enthusiasts everywhere. Experience the difference TRQ can make in how your vehicle rides and handles. Your high performance machine will never be the same.

Choosing the Right TRQ Suspension Parts for Your Vehicle

When it comes to TRQ suspension parts, you’ve got options. The right components for your vehicle depend on how you drive and what you’re looking to improve.


If you want tighter handling and less body roll in the corners, consider:

  • Lowering springs: Drops your ride height for a lower center of gravity and less sway.
  • Stiffer sway bars: Reduces chassis roll in turns.

-Performance shocks and struts: Tightens up suspension for precise control.


For off-road adventures, beef up your suspension with:

  1. Lift kits: Raises your ride height for more ground clearance. Choose a 1-3 inch lift for light off-roading or 3 inches or more for serious rock crawling.
  2. Heavy-duty shocks: Provides damping for larger tires and absorbs impacts from rough terrain.
  3. Skid plates: Protects important components like differentials, transmission, and fuel tank from damage.

Daily driving

If you just want to improve your daily driver, start with:

  • OE-quality replacement parts: Restore handling and ride quality with stock replacement springs, shocks or struts.
  • Leveling kits: Slightly raises the front end for a level stance and to allow for larger tires. Usually 1 to 2 inches of lift.

With TRQ suspension parts, you can transform how your vehicle rides and handles to suit any needs. Choose components that match how and where you drive for the performance and comfort you want. Your vehicle and your back will thank you!

Installing TRQ Suspension Parts for Optimal Performance

Installing TRQ suspension parts on your vehicle will provide noticeable improvements in handling, control, and performance. To get the most out of your TRQ components, proper installation is key.

  • Raise your vehicle using jack stands for safety. Ensure the suspension is unloaded before removing any components.
  • Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels before jacking up the car. This allows the wheels to be removed easily once the suspension is unloaded. Remove the wheels and set aside.
  • Locate the stock suspension components you plan to replace. Compare them to the TRQ parts to ensure the correct pieces before uninstalling anything.
  • Disconnect any brake lines, ABS wires, or other parts that may be attached to the suspension components. Secure them out of the way to avoid damage during installation.
  • Support the axle or control arms to avoid dropping once the stock components are removed. A floor jack and jack stands, or a second set of helping hands are useful here.
  • Install the TRQ components by reversing the steps used to remove the stock parts. Torque all bolts and nuts to the recommended specifications in the included instructions.
  • Bleed the brakes to remove any air introduced during the brake line disconnection. Test the brakes before driving to ensure proper operation.
  • Have the suspension alignment checked as soon as possible. Installing performance suspension parts alters the factory geometry and alignment. Proper alignment is necessary for safe handling, even tire wear, and to maximize the benefits of your TRQ upgrade.

Following these steps carefully will result in a suspension that provides peak performance, handling, and control. Take your time and do the job right – your vehicle will thank you for it!

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