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Turkish Airlines 787-9 Business Class: A Comprehensive Bottom Line Review

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Turkish Airlines, a leading player in the aviation industry, boasts a reputation for superior service and luxurious travel experiences. In this review, we delve into the specifics of Turkish Airlines’ Business Class aboard the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, highlighting the key features, amenities, and overall experience, aiming to provide a comprehensive bottom line perspective Turkish Airlines, one of the prominent carriers in the global aviation industry, has been continuously enhancing its services to cater to the needs of discerning travelers. The introduction of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to its fleet, particularly in the Business Class cabin, marks a significant leap forward in offering a luxurious and comfortable flying experience. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the key aspects of Turkish Airlines’ 787-9 Business Class to provide you with a detailed assessment of what you can expect.

  1. Seat and Cabin Layout: Turkish Airlines’ 787-9 Business Class is thoughtfully designed, providing a spacious and comfortable environment. The layout often features a 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring every passenger has direct aisle access, offering privacy and ease of movement throughout the flight.
  2. Seat Comfort and Design: The business class flights to turkey seats on the 787-9 are well-crafted, offering ample legroom and the ability to recline into a fully-flat bed. The seats are equipped with various adjustments, allowing passengers to find their preferred position for work, relaxation, or sleep.
  3. In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity: The entertainment system is top-notch, offering a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and games. The high-definition screens and user-friendly interface enhance the overall entertainment experience. Additionally, Turkish Airlines provides Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling passengers to stay connected during the flight.
  4. Dining Experience: The dining experience in Turkish Airlines’ Business Class is a true highlight. The airline offers a rich menu of gourmet dishes prepared by skilled chefs. The quality of the food, presentation, and attentive service contribute to a delightful gastronomic journey at 30,000 feet.
  5. Amenities and Comfort: Turkish Airlines pampers its Business Class passengers with a comprehensive amenity kit that includes high-quality skincare products. Additionally, the plush bedding and soft blankets add to the overall comfort, ensuring a restful journey.
  6. Service and Hospitality: The cabin crew’s attention to detail and dedication to passenger satisfaction elevate the overall experience. Their friendly demeanor and prompt service contribute to a warm and welcoming ambiance throughout the flight.
  7. Overall Impression and Bottom Line: Turkish Airlines’ 787-9 Business Class exemplifies luxury and sophistication. The thoughtfully designed cabin, comfortable seats, outstanding dining experience, in-flight entertainment, and excellent service make it a top choice for discerning travelers. While the price point is higher than Economy Class, the overall experience and value provided in Business Class make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a premium travel journey.


Turkish Airlines’ Business Class on the 787-9 Dreamliner is a testament to the airline’s commitment to providing a superior travel experience. With a focus on comfort, entertainment, dining, and exceptional service, Turkish Airlines has set a standard for luxury air travel that is difficult to surpass. Traveling in the Business Class of the 787-9 is an experience that combines luxury and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for both business and leisure travelers seeking the epitome of air travel comfort and style.

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