What are the best PC brands?
What are the best PC brands?

What are the best PC brands?

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Whether you’re after an essential building block PC or something more powerful for your gaming rig, our reviews can help you find the best option for your budget. The question What are the best PC brands? is quite common.


You can buy the very best laptops for little more than the price of the cheapest netbook, but that’s not how you should approach building your own PC.


You could get yourself a powerful mid-range gaming PC for under £500, but you’ll probably need a good deal more cash for a high-end system.


Not everyone can splash the cash, though. If you’re an occasional gamer or an amateur photographer who doesn’t require exceptional power, there are alternatives to buying a PC from a high street retailer. These are known as PC packages, and while they’re not as cheap as netbooks, they’re more affordable than buying a standard computer and then finding additional accessories you’ll never use.


Our reviews of a number of PC packages will tell you which company makes the best products for your needs. Bear in mind though that even the best PC components don’t make up for poor components and design, and you won’t always get everything you’ll need, either.


What are PC brands?


PC brands are the big names that sell a range of computer components. You could buy just one PC brand, but we’d recommend trying out a range of brands before you buy your PC. This way you can decide which brands you prefer.


You can also find a host of useful guides and advice online. These will tell you which companies make components and systems which are worth considering.


Evaluating components can be difficult if you don’t have the time, or the equipment, to do it yourself. That’s why you should buy a PC from a company you can trust and whose advice you can trust. A good brand will help you find a PC for a reasonable price while making sure it’s a good investment too.


The best PC brands


The companies we’ve listed in our guide are the best in their fields. All have at least two of the Best Buys they’ve earned over the last 12 months. For a full breakdown of which are the most trusted brands, head to our full list of PC brands.


Read on to find out more about each of them, or head straight to our individual reviews to compare them directly.






Aussie company Asus is the largest PC brand in the world, but you may have never heard of it. While it has a range of laptops from budget machines like the Eee to premium models like the Eee Top and its range of Xegnis laptops, you’ll generally see Asus’ products on netbooks or very cheap computers.


A bit like Apple, Asus has a reputation for producing good-looking computers which will fit nicely into your home, and its fans will generally appreciate their lovely designs, too.

What are the best PC brands?

Asus doesn’t produce too many laptops for the market it dominates, but we’ve seen some good reviews of its X50, X200, and Eee PCs, and have spotted some good deals on these over the final couple of years.


In fact, if you’re after a cheap PC at a good price, the Asus Eee PC 3G 11 might be the ideal choice. It’s cheap, good-looking, and delivers a decent performance – and it also boasts a well-optimized Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS.


This low-cost Asus laptop comes with Windows XP and a 160GB hard drive, making it ideal for lightweight internet access or small media players.




Lenovo makes the business-orientated ThinkPad range, which includes low-power machines like the ThinkPad T42p, which is aimed at business users who want to replace a laptop and use it to power their email and edit documents.


Lenovo has some very good laptops and is well known for producing decent, reliable PCs, and it’s currently offering some great deals on some of its most popular products, like the T42p and the T61p.


Read the full Lenovo T42p 


Lenovo has started to promote itself as a gaming PC manufacturer recently, and the ThinkPad X61 Carbon is certainly the most capable of any of its laptops. It offers top-of-the-range performance and is a great choice for gamers or anyone who wants to get the best possible gaming experience out of their laptop.





HP is famous for its consumer laptops and two of its most recent models are among the best-selling PCs on the market, the HP Pavilion and the HP Envy.


They’re both very similar in size, weight, and performance, but both laptops are aimed at offering great quality and are well worth considering if you’re looking for a new laptop to replace a machine that has already outlived its usefulness.


HP has released a number of new products recently, including the TouchSmart All-In-One PC and the Envy DeskJet 2500, which are excellent computers and excellent deals.


If you’re looking for a cheap laptop or compact desktop, then the HP Envy Mobile All-In-One is a great choice and would make an ideal home entertainment PC or all-in-one desktop computer. Now, What are the best PC brands? is not difficult for you.

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