What Might Go Wrong with Your Brand Logo Design

What Might Go Wrong with Your Brand Logo Design

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Did you know that people might forget the name of your business but will remember the logo? Of course, they will…even if you make it bad. However, a good logo might help a little more in the ‘trust-building’ part.

Logos can have problems. Designers are humans. They might not find out the real message of your brand. You may not have translated to them the meaning your brand has on a larger scale.

Things like this happen. When there is a bad logo, there is not always an internal problem. It’s as simple a problem as the coffee machine breakdown in the office. You just need to fix it.

Wait! Can a Bad Logo Really Become a Problem for My Brand?

Initially, it won’t cause any trouble. It can, though, if you keep it for long, you don’t change it, or you do not do anything about it. The reasons are simple:

  • 60% of customers will avoid a brand with a bad or inappropriate logo design.
  • Your brand logo might not create a long-lasting first impression in the minds of your customers or general people. 
  • Bad artwork in a logo might question the standard of the company. 
  • A poorly designed logo might send the wrong message to people about the business. 
  • You can affect building brand credibility if you have not been changing your logo.
  • You might also miss out on making profits.  

Some effects can come out as short-term, while others might represent long-term complications. You can fix your brand’s logo using the right techniques and analysis when there is still time.

How Your Logo Design Goes Wrong

It can go wrong in many ways. Before answering this question, we might need to ask ourselves what a bad logo is.

There are many ways designers will define a bad logo. However, in general terms, you can say that a logo that’s too complicated, that’s not transparent to deliver the message your brand wants and that, which is not visually appealing at all, can be considered a bad logo. However, the word ‘bad’ does not mean the logo is rejectable. It might need a redesign, or you can create a better and simpler logo.

How can your logo design go wrong? As mentioned earlier, designers might relate to this issue in their own ways. However, here is a collection of what they might think:

  • Overcomplex logos are not good logos. They make customers and nearly anyone confused. 
  • Logos can be confusing, too, when they carry more than one meaning. 
  • If you make your logo too bright, then you might miss out on the attractiveness part. 
  • Poor colours, textures, and improper spacing can mess your logo up.
  • Not all logos might work if they are black and white. 
  • Many logos are too small to create the right impressions. 
  • Your logo may not be as unique as it should be. 
  • It does not present that ‘memorable’ element in it. 

There might be more problems with a logo in the personal sense. You, as a designer, can identify that better. If you hire a graphic designer, then you can speak with a professional for improvements. You might get some assistance with that in the next point.

Common Errors to Avoid While Designing Your Logo

It might be possible that you have designed your logo in a hurry. You might have recruited a designer with little knowledge. Whatever the situation may be, the following points might be able to help you in eradiating common logo design mistakes:

1.  The Logo Can Be Aligned Wrongly 

It is a common thing when you are designing a logo with too many straight lines or simple lines. If they are not aligned, they will not look symmetrical. That’s the problem.

It happens for something called pixel interpolation. You zoom in, and black pixels or dark pixels get divided into larger pixels, creating this issue. You can fix this issue using Adobe Cloud Software with the snap-to-grid or snap-to-guide features. Your designer can do this effortlessly for you.

2.  Sometimes, the Line Can Go Bad 

In a logo, design makes a lot of sense. If the design is considered, then lines make better sense too. In most cases, the lines are required to transition smoothly. If that does not happen, it might not produce a good effect on visual fronts.

Curves matter a lot in designing a logo. If the curves are not right, the overall logo might look inappropriate and not appealing. Besides, according to the kind of logo, the right curve makes it soothing to the eyes. Therefore, ask your designer to implement the right line design in your brand’s logo.

3.  Choosing the Wrong Format for Your Logo 

One of the greatest problems with logo artwork is the wrong kind of format. Let’s say you are using a raster format for your logo. A .jpg file is often known as a raster format logo. Vector logos are better and can fit into your design process much better than raster logos.

The reason for that is vector logos can almost fit in any resolution. You cannot avoid the ‘pixelating’ effect with the raster logos, particularly when screen resolution is low. Plus, vector format allows you to save the file in any format you choose.

4.  Time for the Right Colour Spectrum 

Use-case scenarios make logos different. More importantly, you may say that the logo will look different with different mediums. In order to make it distributed in all mediums yet look its best, your designer needs to make the logo colours use alternative spectrums.

A logo that’s printed on paper and then on a website or clothes will usually have different spectrums to retain its main visual integrity of it. It is understood better by your technical team. Talk to your designer to learn more about it.

Do We Need Funding to Minimise Logo Design Mistakes?

It’s an optional point. You might need money to work with the designers, particularly when you recruit them. Many organisations hire a small team of graphic designers to work with. You can work with freelancers to save more money. However, you have to invest a little to help design your logo or minimise errors.

What if you are an entrepreneur who is also a designer? You can definitely help yourself minimise the errors with your expertise. You might need to invest in an app or buy a new one. If you need some training assistance, then you might need some investment. You can do that for an online course.

Yes, money is needed as a probability to help you solve logo design errors. If you don’t have money now, then use a direct lender loan. You can repay the money with your income later.

Repaying this loan is fairly easy. You can, in fact, use your benefits programs to get credit. If you are one of the people on benefits and you need a loan today, then a direct lender can help you too.

To Conclude

Maintaining a good logo is the right thing to do. However, even if you have minimised your brand’s logo errors and made it perfect, you still need to change it and make it even more interesting from time to time. Don’t be too fast or too slow to change the logo. Speak with your designer and learn more about when you can redesign your logo to get an idea on this topic.

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