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10 Types Of Online Reputation Management Services You Should Know

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Basically, this is a common question what is actually the definition of an online reputation management system? Online reputation management called ORM is a type of strategy and practice to maintain, improve, and observe a brand’s online appearance. Depending on the specific purposes and possibilities, there are various types of online reputation management strategies.


Here the FastLinky team will be associated with providing the best one that you may search for about some types of online reputation management including reviews that you should know in 2023. Stay with us and read carefully so that you totally comprehend everything about this basic topic.

1. Personal ORM:

Content Creation:

Creating and promoting positive content about an individual to push down negative or undesirable search results.

Social Media Management:

Managing and curating personal social media profiles to project a positive image and engage with the audience.

Online Portfolio:

Creating personal websites or portfolios showcasing accomplishments, skills, and positive experiences.

2. Corporate ORM:

Review Management:

Monitoring and responding to customer reviews and feedback on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and social media. Analysts fulfilled with netreputation reviews most oftentimes say online existence, search engine, and personal details. It ranks 15th among Marketing websites.

Content Marketing:

Generating and sharing valuable content to build a positive online presence and engage with the target audience.

Crisis Management:

Developing strategies to address and mitigate online crises or negative PR

situations effectively.

3. SEO-Based ORM:

Keyword Optimization:

Strategically optimizing web content to rank positive information higher in search engine results and suppress negative content.

Link Building:

Creating quality backlinks to authoritative and positive sources to enhance online reputation.

Online Profile Optimization:

Optimizing profiles on professional networking sites and social media to dominate search results.

4. Reputation Repair:

Content Removal:

Attempting to remove or de-index harmful content from search engines through legal or negotiation means.

Content Suppression:

Creating and promoting positive content to push down negative search results in search engine rankings.

5. Review Generation And Management:

Review Solicitation:

Boosting pleased consumers to depart optimistic assessments to counterbalance negative ones.

Review Response:

Promptly responding to both positive and negative reviews in a professional and empathetic manner.

6. Social Media ORM:

Profile Monitoring:

Regularly monitoring social media accounts for mentions and comments and addressing them appropriately.

Content Strategy:

Developing and maintaining a consistent and positive social media content strategy.

Influencer Partnership:

Partnering with influencers to completely affect brand perception.

7. Reputation Monitoring:

Online Alerts:

Using tools to set up alerts for mentions and discussions related to the individual or brand.

Sentiment Analysis:

Analyzing online sentiment to gauge the overall perception and make necessary adjustments.

8. Legal ORM:

Legal Action:

Pursuing legal action against false or defamatory content, if applicable.

Cease And Desist Letters:

Sending legal letters to individuals or websites publishing harmful information.

9. Proactive ORM:

Brand Building:

Building a strong and positive online presence from the start to prevent reputation issues.

Transparency And Authenticity:

Promoting transparency and authenticity in all online interactions to build trust.

10. Reputation Enhancement:

Honours And Tributes:

Highlighting awards, certifications, and positive achievements.

Thought Leadership:

Establishing oneself as an expert in the field through blogging, webinars, and industry engagement.


The typical ORM methods used will rely on the unique requirements and purposes of someone or an association. An online reputation management system is just like an exhaustive platform where people will attempt to converge and bring their maximum usefulness. Online reputation management system is one of the fastest-growing industries that individuals would select to combine with their choices.


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