5 Logo Color Combination To Inspire Your Next Logo Design

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While designing a logo, it isn’t easy to choose a perfect color combination and create one.

It’s both an art and a science. Most logos have two or three-color combinations.

Some have all primary colors, like Google. What is it that is common in a lot of well-known brand logos? They use highly saturated colors to make their logos look more engaging.

They are the best way to add energy and life to your logo design. Red, blue, and yellow are logos’ most commonly used colors.

One of these colors is surely used in all logos, if not all three. There is this reason why red is so popular. It’s because it is full of energy.

Bold Color Combination:

A high-contrast color is often a bold one. Some color combinations for logo designing are listed below;

Beach Brand:

Consider you are designing a logo for a beach brand. Warm colors would go well in the sky blue logo with warm orange.

We can use orange, red, and yellow for a barbeque restaurant to symbolize cooking on the fire.

Peaceful Color Combination:

Greys, blues, and pastel colors can be used for it. They are normally used for places like flower shops.

Natural Color Combinations:

Black and brown are a classy natural color combination. This rustic color symbolizes history and steadiness.

They give an old vintage vibe to your brand and make it look dependable.

Fun Color Combination:

Fun color combinations can be attractive in multicolors. Google’s logo is an example of it.

Besides this, it is used in toy brands, candy shops, or book brands for kids. They make a logo look more fancy and easily recognizable for kids.

Serious Color Combination:

When it comes to finance, business, or education, color combinations for branding often take a more serious tone.

They combine neutral tones with deep shades to communicate authority. Black is most likely used in designing these types of logos.

Brands And Their Color Combination:

Here are some brands and their famous Color Combinations to inspire your logo design


It uses a yellow and red combination, which is very common in food brands.

These two colors have been used in almost all food brands, from Burger King to Pizza Hut, because these colors give a feeling of hunger, joy, and comfort.


The Pepsi logo is a combination of red, blue, and black. Red represents power. This combination represents a powerful drink and the country where the drink was created.

It has all the patriotic colors in it. These three colors make the logo well-recognized by the audience.


It has black, red and orange in it. Orange and yellow show fire, and the black between the triangles enhances the logo’s energy.

It has an energetic logo. The fire shows its extreme flavors. It shows the spice and extremely hot flavors added to it.


Apple is a multinational technology company. It has a simple logo. It is a simplistic and minimal logo used in three colors, black, silver, and white.

These colors give it a formal and decent look.

However, its color is one of the main reasons it is a memorable logo, recognized easily by everyone worldwide.


Google has all the primary colors in its logo. It is said that Google is a little playful in changing its logos.

Its logos have always been colorful to make it look attractive.


It is essential to choose the correct color combination for your logo design. You need to consider the brand’s personality and background and your logo design to develop a professional logo design. 

A proficient designer should necessarily be chosen as it plays an essential role in forming a powerful logo for your brand and boosting your business.






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