Adventure Activities in Dubai For Honeymoon Couples 2023

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Are you planning your honeymoon in Dubai? Then you have made the right decision. When looking for unforgettable memories and an adrenaline-pumping adventure on your honeymoon trip, Dubai is the ideal location to celebrate your honeymoon! Famous for its iconic skyline, luxury resorts, and great food, there are also many exciting Adventure Activities in Dubai. These activities will make your honeymoon truly wonderful.

Dubai continues to attract tourists from all over the world with its beautiful landscapes, great architecture, and incredible adventure activities that helps honeymoon couples to make the most of their special moments.

So let us know about the best activities you must try as a honeymoon couple in Dubai that is filled with great adventure. From the dune bashing to mesmerizing hot air balloon rides and skydiving to swimming with sharks – the list of activities is endless. Hence, when planning your honeymoon and learning about the Dubai adventure, ensure to add a few activities to your Dubai Honeymoon Packages.

Best Adventure Activities in Dubai That Couples Must Try

Couples who are planning their honeymoon to Dubai 2023, can make the best use of the adventures to do in Dubai to make their trip memorable. So, let’s check a few of the activities to consider:

1. Desert Safari

No honeymoon trip to Dubai would be complete without experiencing an unforgettable desert safari which is also among the best Adventure Activities in Dubai. Couples can consider dune bashing in the stunning sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. Also, they can try camel riding and sandboarding before witnessing breathtaking sunset views over golden dunes. Also, before going back into their traditional Bedouin camp life, they can enjoy a romantic dinner under starry skies and also witness great live performances like Belly dance, Tanura Performances, and more.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Just imagine flying above Dubai’s vast desert and witnessing breathtaking views from above. A Hot air balloon ride is one of the best Adventure Activities in Dubai. Moreover, it makes a breathtaking and romantic honeymoon experience! So on the list of outdoor activities in Dubai is taking a hot air balloon ride. So a hot air balloon ride provides couples the ideal way to enjoy the peace and also experience adventures as the balloon rises gradually. After you reach a height, you will enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of the desert landscape, sunrise views, and also the desert wildlife. During the ride, don’t miss out on clicking photos with your loved ones.

3. Helicopter Ride

When considering the Adventure Activities in Dubai, you can consider adding helicopter rides to your itinerary. For a one-of-a-kind romantic adventure, couples should book a helicopter ride. So the helicopter ride will take honeymoon couples over Dubai’s iconic landmarks such as Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa. Also, during the ride, you will witness Dubai from a different perspective and you will enjoy Dubai’s aerial views.

This is the ideal opportunity to spend some romantic time with your loved ones and also capture these moments when you are flying and experiencing Dubai’s landmarks when in air.

4. Skydiving

On the list of best adventure activities in Dubai is skydiving. If you and your partner enjoy trying a more daring and thrilling adventure experience, then you must try skydiving. You will feel the adventure as you jump from a plane at high altitudes during the freefall. Before opening your parachute for landing you will come across the stunning views of Dubai’s skyline and Palm Jumeirah islands. You will then land after a while and you will experience this under expert guidance. This is an experience that is sure to leave great memories and leave you shocked.

5. Jet Skiing

Dubai offers a great place for an exciting and adventure-filled jet ski ride. It is one of the best adventure sports in Dubai. Jet skiing offers couples the thrill of exploring the Arabian Gulf waters while speeding across the clear blue water. Moreover, during the experience, you will witness Dubai’s beautiful shoreline. So to try jet skiing, you can head to one of Dubai’s public beaches, rent a jet ski, and set out on an adventure experience.

Jet Skiing truly offers an unforgettable thrill for couples who wish to enjoy the Dubai waters.

6. Seaplane Tour

Couples looking for an exciting and romantic adventure should try taking a seaplane tour over Dubai, visiting its iconic landmarks such as Burj Al Arab, World Islands, and Dubai Marina from above in an intimate seaplane tour experience – ideal for honeymoon couples! This journey provides birds-eye view views of architectural marvels as well as the natural splendor of this incredible metropolis that promises an intimate yet unforgettable honeymoon trip experience!


So this is all about the Adventure Activities in Dubai that couples must include in their itinerary. When you plan your honeymoon with Roaming Routes, you can add these activities. Roaming Routes will suggest the best place and the operator try your preferred activity. So plan your honeymoon soon, with Roaming Routes.

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