AWS vs Azure: Things You Must Know

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Both AWS and Azure are two highly popular cloud computing platforms. Both platforms offer numerous cloud computing products and services to their users. Additionally, they help a firm easily migrate its existing infrastructure to the cloud. In other words, it can be worthwhile for any organization to use any of these amazing cloud computing platforms. But which cloud computing platform is superior to the other? So, to find the answer to this question today we are going to learn about both Azure and Amazon Web Services in detail.

Here are all the things that you require to know about these outstanding cloud computing platforms and their services.

What Is AWS Exactly?

It is basically a robust cloud computing platform that offers numerous cloud computing products/services to its customers. For instance, it offers cloud computing products/services like servers, remote computing, mobile development, etc. The aim of the cloud computing platform is to help a brand expand and grow its profit through its services. Additionally, all the cloud computing products and services of Amazon Web Services are extremely safe and reliable. In other words, you will not regret using any cloud computing product or service of the platform. To learn about all the cloud computing products/services of Amazon in detail feel free to join our AWS Training and Certification program.


Following are some of the key features of Amazon Web Services:

  • The cloud computing products/services of the platform are highly reliable.
  • You can easily scale up the services/products of the platform.
  • The pricing model of the cloud computing platform is highly cost-effective.
  • Amazon offers numerous security options to firms for protecting its cloud setup/infrastructure.

What Is Azure?

Azure is another phenomenal cloud computing platform in the market. The platform offers around 200+ cloud computing products and services to its customers. For instance, Azure offers services like VMs, cloud service, cloud storage, CDN, etc. Additionally, Azure also offers numerous testing tools to the users that they can use to test their cloud apps. Overall, it is a magnificent cloud computing platform and using it can be extremely beneficial for you.


Following are some of the key features of Azure:

  • All the cloud computing products of Azure are extremely reliable.
  • You can scale up the services of Azure very easily.
  • Azure offers numerous in-built cyber security tools to its users.
  • The cloud computing platform helps a software engineer reduce the time of app development.

AWS vs Azure

Following are the key differences between Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure:

  • The interface of Azure is simple. But you may find it a little hard to work with the cloud computing platform. On the other hand, using the latter for building cloud apps is not that difficult. Furthermore, the interface of the Amazon Web Services platform is also quite simple.
  • AWS more flexible and affordable plans to users. On the other hand, Azure plans are a little expensive.
  • Amazon Web Services support various open-source apps. However, Azure does not support many open-source apps.
  • AWS supports the use of VPC. On the other hand, Azure supports the use of VPNs. To learn how to configure & set VPC on AWS feel free to join our AWS Certified Developer Associate training program.


Both cloud computing platforms offer numerous benefits to users. But overall AWS appears to be a much better option than Azure. The cloud computing platform offers more freedom and flexibility to users in comparison to Azure. Furthermore, you can also integrate its cloud products/services with open-source apps. However, you cannot integrate the cloud products of Azure with many open-source apps. Thus, we recommend you use it instead of Microsoft Azure. You will not regret your decision of using AWS instead of Microsoft Azure.

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