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Best Flowers For Sympathy And Condolence

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You may be searching for words when you have to show sympathy towards the family members of the person who has passed away. However, flowers can speak a thousand words, so they remain one of the best representation of the sadness. You can find many different flowers today, but you have to choose sympathy and condolence flowers with care.

You should always choose flowers for this occasion, by considering the colours.

Best Colours That Suit Occasions Of Condolence and Sympathy

  • White – It is the most common flower colour that you can go for, on such occasions. It is the colour of sympathy. Moreover, it also represents purity.
  • Yellow – It is also quite appropriate for such an event, as the colour shows hope in times of darkness. Moreover, it is a cheerful colour that can help in cheering the family and relatives of the deceased.
  • Lilac – These hues represent the loss of a loved one. You can present the flowers in such a colour, in the form of a bouquet.
  • Blue – It is another colour for the funeral atmosphere, as it represents calmness and flow. It also helps to release negative emotions.
  • Green – It is another colour, which you can mix with the above colours. They represent resurrection.

Those who cannot attend the funeral or the memorial service, due to prior commitments or work, then you can also Send flowers Online. Although it is a bit disheartening, sometimes such decisions have to be made.

Condolence Flowers and their Symbolism

  • Carnations are fluffy flowers, with a certain softness surrounding them. You will simply fall in love with their ruffled petals. You will often find such flowers used in funeral wreaths. You can order such flowers for Catholic events and Christian funerals as well. You also have the option to send round, circular carnation bouquets as well.
  • Chrysanthemums are the second option for such an occasion. If you are presenting a sympathy bouquet, then you can buy these. These are seasonal flowers, which you can get in winter. Lilac chrysanthemums are available for gifting for a funeral in the fall. You can gift these while attending memorial services as well. These flowers honour the life of the deceased loved one.
  • Lilies in pastel colours and white look very beautiful, as bouquets and floral baskets. You can keep one in front of the photograph of the deceased. These also represent endings and new beginnings. Lilies act as a reminder for the family members of the deceased, to carry on. In various customs, lilies represent the renewed innocence of the departed souls.

Gifts – Floral Arrangements Options Available Online

You can also Send Gifts to Lucknow city, along with such flowers. Indoor plants are a good choice for funerals and memorial services. Other than flowers, you can also opt for fruits. Gourmet sympathy baskets containing cookies and savouries are also sent today.

  • Memorial Services – You can send flower wreaths on such occasions. White daisies and carnations are quite suitable for the wreaths. You can also add a banner with it.
  • Bereavement Ceremony – Send a round shaped or S-shaped bouquet consisting of roses, lilies, orchids, or lilies to such a ceremony.
  • Potted Flowering Plants – This is another option, which people are choosing over cut flowers today. It is a dedication to the memory of the deceased. It also shows that you have bought the gift after a lot of afterthought. You can also comfort the mourners with bonsais. As the family members nurture these plants, they imagine the soul of the deceased within the same.

You can choose to get the flowers delivered to the family home or the place, where the funeral is being held. Make sure that your flowers are delivered on time. That is why, you should rely on the online gifting services, which have express delivery services. Get hold of the best flower delivery service in the market today, and book a condolence flower delivery today.

If you stay abroad and are unable to travel to India, you can order flowers from the online gifting site. The flowers are delivered fresh, as they are locally sourced from organic farmers. You can order condolence and sympathy gifts at cheap prices today, as well. So, that is a huge benefit in current times.


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