Black Harlequin: The Romance Revealed – A New Addition to Amazon’s Short Story Series

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Black Harlequin: The Romance Revealed is a new addition to Amazon’s Short Story Series. Written by author and media producer Jocelyn Shaw, this romance series offers a perfect blend of poetry, seduction, and secrets that will keep you hooked till the very end. The series is available on Amazon Kindle Publications and is also broadcasted on various podcast platforms.

Black Harlequin: The Romance Revealed Series:

The Black Harlequin: The Romance Revealed series is a collection of short stories that revolves around the themes of romance, poetry, and seduction. Each book in the series is packed with passionate moments and unexpected twists that keep readers engaged and wanting more. Selected poetry by Jocelyn Shaw is featured throughout the series and is narrated by top talented narrators, making it a perfect listen for audiobook enthusiasts.

Podcast Broadcast:

The series is also available in podcast form and can be heard on various platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music for Podcasters, Pocket Radio, BuzzSprout, and more. The podcast teasers feature poetry selections written by Jocelyn Shaw herself, giving listeners a glimpse of the seductive and passionate nature of the series.

Book Trailers:

Jocelyn Shaw has also released book trailers for the Black Harlequin: The Romance Revealed series on YouTube. These book trailers offer a sneak peek into the series and help readers get a better understanding of what to expect.

Links: Youtube | Podcast

Upcoming Release:

Book 7 in the series is set to be released in the summer of 2023. The series promises to be a perfect combination of poetry, romance, and stormy weather, leaving readers wanting more.


Black Harlequin: The Romance Revealed series by Jocelyn Shaw is a must-read for anyone who enjoys passionate romance stories. The combination of poetry and seduction makes it a unique and exciting read. The availability of the series on various podcast platforms and book trailers on YouTube makes it a complete package. With Book 7 set to release soon, readers can look forward to more passion and seduction in the upcoming series.

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