Can I take 2 pieces of hand luggage on British Airways?

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Depending on the tariff level, passengers may bring one or two complimentary handbags (maximum 55x40x23 cm) together with one personal item. There is a limit of one additional piece of hand luggage per bmi Gold and Silver Diamond Club member. You cannot give an allowance to a baby. By utilizing British Airways Manage My Booking, you may also verify how much luggage you are allowed to bring.

Does British Airways permit two checked bags?

Each passenger is allowed to bring one compact item (laptop, purse) and one piece of hand luggage on board. The dimensions of hand luggage shall not exceed 56 cm by 45 cm by 25 cm, and the tiny item cannot exceed 40 cm by 30 cm by 15 cm. Each of the two objects can weigh up to 23 kg.

Maximum Allowed Baggage:

British Airlines offers several different ticket classes for both long- and short-haul flights. Depending on the kind of ticket, different amounts of luggage are permitted. Since each route has its own set of rules, it’s crucial to confirm the requirements before you take off to prevent having to pay additional costs at the airport.

Can I bring two handbags with me?

According to airline regulations, you are only allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item unless you are traveling in basic economy. But we’ve all seen people act egotistically, checking more than once, or checking more luggage than is practical.

British Airways hand luggage allowance:

Your hand luggage is what you will bring with you into the aircraft cabin. British Airways allows one larger handbag and one smaller item (purse or laptop bag). There is a fair amount of capacity for small bags in the cabin, up to 40 cm by 30 cm by 15 cm and 23 kilograms. The weight and dimensions of your second bag can be up to 23 kg and 56 cm by 45 cm by 25 cm, respectively.

Carrying your smaller bags in the cabin should be easy for you. It may be requested that you check your second-hand luggage into the hold, so be sure all valuables and essentials for the flight are in your checked baggage.

The British Airways baggage policy:

It’s critical to keep in mind that each airline has unique baggage regulations. If you are using a codeshare, need to make connections, or will be flying with a different airline for a portion of the trip, you should check the baggage restrictions for each carrier.

British Airways holds the baggage allowance.

Hold luggage bags, including wheels and handles, should not measure more than 90 cm by 75 cm by 43 cm, or 35.5 in by 29.5 in by 16 in. This is how much hold luggage each kind of ticket can accommodate:

  • Hold baggage is not included in tickets labeled “Basic” or “Hand Baggage Only”.
  • Economy class tickets allow for the weight of one bag up to 23 kg on the majority of routes. Confirm your itinerary online since there are some exceptions, such as when passengers are permitted to bring one larger suitcase or two smaller ones.
  • Two bags, no more than 23 kg in total, are included with Premium Economy Class tickets.

Baggage Extra on British Airways:

The entire checked baggage allowance associated with each passenger’s ticket may be used to check in up to 10 pieces of luggage per flight. You can check up to nine more pieces of luggage, for instance, if you are granted one complimentary piece of checked baggage for your travel.

Pricing for each piece of luggage can be found online between £36 and £120 and at the airport between £40 and £140. If the suitcase weighs more than 32 kg, an additional £65 will be charged. Any weight greater than that will need to be delivered as freight separately. The pricing comparison table below provides a comprehensive summary of additional luggage fees.

Additional British Airways baggage fees:

The route and time of ticket purchase may affect the cost of your excess baggage. You have to use the British Airways price calculator to find out how much it will cost. If you bring more luggage than you ordered to the airport, you will be charged £65 as long as the extra bag weighs less than 32 kg. If the weight of your luggage exceeds 32 kg, it will be sent after you and you will be billed for shipping it as unaccompanied baggage.

British Airways baggage allowance and fees:

If you have more hand baggage than you will need when you check in, you might have to check your bag into the hold. If you check more baggage than your ticket allows, you will be charged an extra £65 for a bag above twenty-three kilos in weight. Under British baggage allowance, you are only permitted to check one 23-kg bag.

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