Chinese Language Institute Delhi

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Chinese Language Institute Delhi provides an ideal environment for learning a foreign language, with its comprehensive selection of courses taught by highly-qualified teachers in an ideal learning environment.

Interviews of learners are conducted, and then adjusted into batches that correspond with their level of Chinese learning. Furthermore, free demo classes are provided to beginners.

 Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute is one of the premier places for learning foreign languages, including Chinese. Their instructors foster an engaging learning experience and help keep their students motivated throughout their course. In addition, online classes through Zoom and Skype are also offered.

This institute offers Chinese courses to both adults and children of all ages. Their teachers are native speakers who use an innovative teaching method. Furthermore, they prepare their students for official HSK testing as well as cultural education training. Classes take place both weekdays and weekends.

Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn, yet is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This popularity stems from its wide-ranging applications in business as well as being an essential international language that allows people to connect with China and other countries speaking it.

Many universities in India provide Chinese classes, with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages being one of them. Part of Delhi University and offering both full-time and part-time programs involving written exams and interviews for admission purposes. Their curriculum covers multiple aspects of learning the language – making this an excellent option for anyone hoping to boost their career prospects or make friends in China.

Henry Harvin

Learners looking to study Chinese have many courses available to them in Delhi. The first step should be finding an institute or tutor; currently there are 78 institutes and 458 Chinese tutors providing basic to advanced classes as well as free demo classes to help prospective learners decide which course would best meet their needs and seminars and workshops to develop communication skills.

Henry Harvin Chinese Language Academy provides a comprehensive program, covering reading and speaking. Their curriculum follows European framework and boasts world-class facilities with expert teachers. Furthermore, this academy emphasizes practical training and project-based learning to quickly get you acquainted with this ancient tongue.

Langma School of Languages in India is an esteemed language institute offering over 150 foreign languages – including Chinese. Classes for different levels take place weekday and weekend; their instructors are all native Chinese speakers with extensive teaching experience and qualifications.

If you’re exploring a business career, knowing Chinese is an invaluable asset. Not only can it help connect with Chinese customers and expand your market in China, but you can also use the Chinese language to communicate with colleagues and customers overseas. Plus, learning it doesn’t take as much effort or dedication than you think – plus it will increase job prospects!

Upgrade Infotech

Are You Learning a Foreign Language Online Tutors Are an Excellent Way! There are various platforms which connect teachers and students for this service, like Superprof, which offers various languages and Chinese courses in Delhi with flexible deadlines, virtual shareable certificates, and affordable price tags.

Henry Harvin Institute in Delhi offers one of the finest Chinese language learning courses available today, helping its students both develop interpersonal skills and prepare for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Chinese Language Test. Taught by native Chinese speakers who are committed to helping you master this ancient tongue. Through training sessions, projects, internships, certifications, and placement opportunities its program includes everything needed for mastery of this ancient tongue.

Langma School of Languages in Delhi provides another excellent venue for learning Chinese. Their courses span six levels and offer weekday and weekend classes with teachers who specialize in foreign languages.

Learning Chinese can make you stand out in the job market and can open more doors for you in terms of employment and travel opportunities. Not only is Chinese an elegant and complex language but its grammar is surprising simple with no tenses or cases like in English to worry about!


Are You Learning Chinese in Delhi? There are various institutions offering various courses taught by experts with extensive teaching experience. These experts can help accelerate career opportunities both locally and overseas by offering customized training programmes designed to help clear exams – these training programmes may also be part-time to accommodate busy schedules.

Not only DU, but other prominent colleges in Delhi also provide foreign language courses. One such institution is Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan which has a three-year program for Spanish, French and Chinese taught by native speakers; additionally online classes are available for those unable to attend regular classroom sessions due to influenza pandemics.

Mentor Language Institute also provides Chinese lessons in Delhi, with teachers who are all native Chinese speakers using an innovative teaching method to make language learning simpler for its students. Furthermore, Mentor also imparts its culture while preparing its pupils for official HSK tests.

UrbanPro provides language lessons in Delhi via its online platform that connects you to expert trainers and language centers. Many discerning millennials have reviewed these centers as useful in furthering their careers, offering IELTS, TOEFL, German French and Spanish courses as part of their programming.

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