Crossbite is not something that can be ignored . Let’s know why.

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Your teeth make your smile most beautiful. Crossbite can affect your health and your mental health. You need to understand it in a very detailed manner.

What are crossbite teeth?

It is a condition when your teeth are not symmetrical and abnormally overlapped. Crossbite is also called Underbite. There are also two types of Crossbites- Anterior and Posterior. Anterior crossbite can be found in 4-5 % of the population. On the other hand, Posterior crossbite teeth are common and can be found in 16%of the population. Posterior crossbite can be cured with a common orthodontic application called Expander.


What are the Causes of Crossbite teeth?

There are mainly two types of causes for crossbite teeth- genetic causes and developmental causes. Like all other physical traits, we get from our parents. The same goes for crossbite teeth. Crossbite teeth are also hereditary traits.

 In our initial age of growing up, if we make some mistakes or have some bad things, that can also cause crossbite teeth. Crossbites can cause a thumb-sucking habit; Sometimes infants have a habit of sucking pacifiers, and maybe sometimes due to facial injury. Some children also have a habit of biting their nails, which can affect their teeth and deform them. Your teeth come closer to your cheeks and tongue. Crossbite also deforms your facial structure.


Symptoms of Crossbite teeth and how it isn’t good for you:

You can detect crossbite by yourself if you follow these simple steps:

First, check whether the upper and lower rows of your teeth are touching each other.

Secondly, you feel constant pain in your jaw.

You also face difficulty in speaking and chewing.

You also feel pain in your few teeth.

You often bite your tongue and inner cheeks when talking and eating.

Also, you are having a constant headache. 

You will not be able to maintain good oral health.

You may have a cavity.

You are going to have plaque build up in your mouth.

In your mouth, you will have bacterial growth.

It will lead to gum and periodontal disease.

You may also not be able to sleep properly.


Ways of treating crossbite teeth:

There are a variety of treatments available for crossbite. But first, you must consult an experienced orthodontist dentist in punjab. First, they will take your x-ray and check your teeth to see what treatment will benefit you.


Types of treatment:

1 Braces- Braces are the most effective treatment for crossbites. It is good for all age groups. They can be kids, teens or adults. Braces are of types- Ceramic and Metal. Braces are also very affordable. You can book consultancy in the best dental clinic in ludhiana.


2 Invisalign or Invisible clear aligners- Aligners are customized treatments. In this treatment, your orthodontist makes unique aligners for you according to your requirements. During this treatment, you do not have any restrictions to drink or eat anything. Aligners are also invisible, so it will also not affect your confidence

3 Surgeries- Surgical procedures are also available according to your requirements but can be painful. But they are also effective and give good results.

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