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In the field of education, obtaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is a significant milestone for aspiring teachers. It not only opens up doors to a wide range of job opportunities but also serves as a mark of professionalism and expertise. If you’re considering a career in education, it’s essential to understand what QTS entails and the benefits it brings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of QTS and shed light on its importance.

What is QTS?

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is a professional accreditation that recognizes individuals as fully qualified teachers in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is a mandatory requirement for those who wish to teach in state-maintained schools and special education settings. QTS signifies that a teacher has met the standards set by the government to deliver high-quality education.

Requirements for QTS

To obtain QTS, aspiring teachers must meet certain requirements. These typically include:

Academic Qualifications

Candidates are usually required to hold a degree or an equivalent qualification. Specific subject knowledge may be necessary depending on the teaching role.

Practical Teaching Experience

Gaining substantial practical experience in a school setting is crucial. This can be achieved through teaching placements during initial teacher training programs or through relevant work experience.

Skills and Competencies

Teachers must demonstrate a range of skills and competencies, such as effective communication, classroom management, and the ability to plan and deliver engaging lessons.

Benefits of QTS

Obtaining QTS brings numerous benefits, both personally and professionally. Some of the key advantages include:

Increased Job Opportunities

QTS opens doors to a wide range of teaching positions in state-maintained schools, giving you more choices and flexibility in your career.

Higher Earning Potential

Qualified teachers often enjoy higher earning potential compared to those without QTS. As you progress in your career, your salary is likely to increase.

Professional Development and Growth

QTS provides a solid foundation for continuous professional development. It offers opportunities for career advancement, specialization, and further training.

The Process of Achieving QTS

Achieving QTS involves several steps and stages:

Initial Teacher Training Programs

Prospective teachers typically undergo initial teacher training programs, which can be completed through university-led programs or school-centered training routes. These programs provide the necessary knowledge and skills for effective teaching.

Assessment and Evaluation

During the training period, aspiring teachers are assessed and evaluated against the Teachers’ Standards. These standards outline the expectations and requirements for QTS.

Induction Period

After obtaining QTS, newly qualified teachers embark on an induction period, usually lasting for one year. This period allows for further development and support as teachers gain experience in the classroom.

Financial Support during QTS Training

Financial support is available to individuals pursuing QTS training:

Scholarships and Bursaries

Various scholarships and bursaries are offered by the government and organizations to support individuals during their teacher training.

Student Loans and Grants

Student loans and grants may be available to cover tuition fees and living expenses during the training period.

Salary while Training

Some training programs offer a salary or financial support while students are undergoing their QTS training, particularly for school-centered training routes.


In conclusion, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is a crucial qualification for anyone aspiring to become a teacher. It signifies expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering high-quality education. From increased job opportunities to higher earning potential and professional growth, the benefits of QTS are numerous. If you’re passionate about education, embarking on the journey to achieve QTS can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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