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Does Qatar Airways allow 2 bags?

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Qatar Airways offers high luggage allowances. Qatar Airways makes it easy to bring your vacation needs on cheap and luxury flights.

Qatar Airways flights allow three categories of luggage on most long haul international flights. Namely

  1. Checked in baggage.
  2. Carry on luggage main bag.
  3. Secondary bag.

Baggage checked

Checked in baggage is submitted at boarding for storage in an aeroplane compartment. Passengers can only access this baggage after they reach at their destination. Due to obvious reasons checked baggage is usually allowed more than carry on.

1. Economy Class

Economy class passengers can only check in one 23 kilogram bag.

2. Business Class

Business class allows up to two checked bags. Each bag can weigh 32 kilogrammes 70 pounds.

3. First Class

First class passengers have no baggage restrictions. Usually they can check more than two items and up to 32 kilogrammes 70 pounds each bag.

Carry On Baggage

Cabin baggage is primary hand luggage that you can carry in the airline cabin and keep in your seats overhead compartments. Qatar Airways carry on baggage allowance is usually the same for all classes. That is

  • Dimensions 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm or 22 in x 18 in x 10 in.
  • Maximum weight 7 kg 15 lbs.

However your route fare class and aircraft type may vary.

One item of hand luggage is allowed.

Secondary bag

Free supplementary bags for personal goods are also allowed in the aeroplane cabin. The shape can be

  • Handbag.
  • Purse.
  • Laptop bag.
  • Briefcase.
  • Take a small backpack or similar item.

As it will be placed under the seat in front of you it should be smaller than your carry on bag. Maximum dimensions are 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm or 16 in x 12 in x 6 in and weight should be minimal.

Excess baggage

Baggage beyond the free limit

  • If space allows excess carry on baggage is transferred to checked-in baggage.
  • There is an option to pay more for carrying excess weight.
  • Pay for excess checked in baggage. Unless otherwise stated airlines prohibit its carriage.
  • Airlines sometimes overlook excess luggage which is merely one or two kilogrammes overweight.
  • Excess baggage fees vary by destination flight duration price class and ticket type.

Qatar Airways allows three categories of luggage. Before your flight go to Qatar Airways manage booking to request greater baggage allowance.

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