Exploring Post office FD rates: Maximising returns on your secure and trustworthy Investments

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Fixed Deposit (FD) schemes offered by the Post office in India are a secure and trustworthy investment option, widely popular for their reliability and consistent returns. Post Office FDs provide an excellent alternative to investing in banks, especially for those looking for a government-backed option that guarantees safety and stability.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of Post Office FDs and explore the Post office FD rates to help investors get the most out of their investments.

Post office FD benefits

Safe and trustworthy

Post Office FDs are a safe and trustworthy investment option, backed by the Government of India. They provide fixed and predictable returns, making them ideal for investors looking for a low-risk investment option.

Flexible tenures

Post Office FDs offer flexible tenures, ranging from 1 year to 5 years, allowing investors to choose the period that best suits their investment goals.

High-Interest rates

Post Office FDs offer high-interest rates compared to many other existing investment options, making them more attractive to investors. Interest rates on Post Office FDs are subject to revisions from time to time, depending on market conditions and government policies.

Post office FD rates

Post office FD interest rates vary according to the term of the deposit. Here is a breakdown of the current Post office FD rates:

– for one-year tenure- 5.5%

– for two-year tenure- 5.5%

– for three-year tenure- 5.5%

– for five-year tenure- 6.7% 

The interest rate is compounded annually, which means that the principal amount, along with the interest earned, is reinvested, and the interest is calculated on the new principal for the next year.

A significant feature of Post Office FDs is that the interest rates offered by them are revised every quarter. It allows investors to take advantage of rate revisions if they wish to reinvest, or roll over their FDs.

Calculating Post office FD returns

Calculating Post office FD returns is a simple process and can help investors understand the amount that they can expect to earn from their investment.

To calculate the returns for Post Office FDs, you can use the following formula:

Total interest Earned = P x (1+(r/n))(nt) – P

In this formula:

– P is the principal amount invested.

– r is the interest rate offered.

– n is the number of times the interest is compounded during the year.

– t is the total number of years invested.

By plugging in these variables, investors can calculate the total amount of interest earned over the lifetime of their Post office FD. This can help them understand the total amount they will receive at maturity and plan their investments accordingly.

Features of Post Office FDs

Minimum investment amount

Post office FD accounts can be opened with a minimum investment amount of just INR 1000.

Premature Withdrawals

In case of any emergencies, investors can withdraw their FD investments prematurely. However, there will be a penalty imposed for doing so, which is around 0.5% of the invested amount if withdrawn before one year of investment and 1% of the invested amount for those withdrawn after a year.


Investors can nominate anyone as a beneficiary to their Post office FD account.

Tax Savings

Investors can get tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, on investments up to INR 1.5 lakh.


By calculating their returns using the formula provided above with the help of fd interest calculator, investors can prepare and plan their finances accordingly. It is always essential to research and understand the investment policies before investing your money and to ensure that your investment aligns with your financial goals.

Post Office FDs are an ideal investment option for investors looking for low-risk investments to secure their funds and earn fixed returns. Even though their interest rates are subject to change quarterly, they are still considered one of the best investment options in India, given their reliability, flexibility, and high-interest rates.

Investors looking for a reliable investment option, looking to lock-in their funds with fixed returns, can certainly consider Post Office FDs for their portfolio. With flexible investment options, high-interest rates, and the safety guaranteed by the Government of India, they are one of the best investment options available today.

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