How are investors still getting UK visas to obtain British Citizenship in the UK?

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People from all around the world are quite interested in investing their money into the United Kingdom market. Due to the immensely profitable market of the UK investors from all over the world want to enter the UK and invest their money into some profitable business or venture. Some of them want to invest in the UK market to obtain British citizenship through their British citizenship application. To keep this fact in mind the UK government has introduced the brand new investor visa for the people who are looking for a UK citizenship. You must know that this visa route provides them the opportunity to invest in a viable UK business and in return the UK government will grant them a permanent residency that can eventually convert into a citizenship status. However, there are multiple rules and regulations of the UK visas and immigration firm if you are planning to invest your money into the UK economy. In this particular article we will talk about several facts of the Investor visa route. So what are we waiting for, let’s dig in and find out all the essential information regarding this visa route. 

What Do you Require to Acquire an Investor Visa?

Like any other UK visa route the investor visa route also has some of the requirements that are essential to meet if you want to obtain this visa. This particular visa has a significant requirement of funds that is vital to have from the investment purpose. According to the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom’s the investors must meet certain criteria to acquire this visa. Apart from fulfilling the investment requirement it is also essential to fulfill the other requirements. It involves the requirement of non criminal record, proficiency in the English language, etc. Apart from that you must also take care of the several other facts such as you must provide all the essential required documents to the UKVI. In lack of any essential information your investor visa application will be declined by the United Kingdom. Hence, it is essential to provide all the essential documents and fulfill the every requirement of the UK Home Office if you want to obtain this visa for the investment purpose and want to settle down in the UK by acquiring a British citizenship

What are the Various Types of Investor Visas in the UK?

If you want to enter the United Kingdom through an investor visa route to attain British citizenship it is important to know about the various types of the investor visa. You must know that there are two specific types of investor visa that are available in the United Kingdom for international investors. Here we have mentioned both of those visa types. 

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa : This visa route is specifically designed for the investors who are ready to invest a heavy amount of money into the UK market, there is a minimum fixed amount for this visa type that is essential for the applicants to demonstrate in front of the UKVI. However, the quintessential benefit of this visa route is that it leads you to permanent residency after completing five years in the United Kingdom while being on this visa and six years to get a British citizenship. It means that your British citizenship application may get approved after the period of six years. 
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa : This visa route is specially designed for the people who have a keen interest in establishing their own business in the United Kingdom. However, this visa category also has a requirement of minimum investment funds that can lead them to permanent residency and later on to British citizenship. Entrepreneurs who have interest in any specific sector can establish their own business in the United Kingdom and acquire immense profit and a British citizenship as well. 

What are the Benefits of an Investor Visa?

The investor visa offers multiple benefits to its applicants who are looking forward to obtaining British citizenship. First of all you must know that this specific visa route allows you to invest in the United Kingdom and provides you the ability to work and earn your living there without any further visa rules and regulations restrictions. Suppose if you become successful in acquiring British citizenship through this visa route you will also be able to bring your dependent family members to the United Kingdom to stay with you. You children can join any other British school along with other British children. One of the most important and tremendous benefits of this visa route is that it allows you to travel as per your requirements outside the UK. Ultimately, if you become successful living in the UK over the period of five years you will automatically be able to acquire British citizenship and it has multiple benefits. 

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