How Look My Beauty Affects You

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Look My Beauty is all about finding ways to elevate your beauty in ways that feel 100% authentic to who you are – whether that means simple steps like looking in the mirror and making eye contact, to more complex ones like selecting makeup and clothes to complement your unique coloring.


Makeup can have many different impacts on Look My Beauty, including recalling historical/cultural evolution, serving as a vehicle for self-expression and augmenting one’s appearance. Furthermore, makeup may have negative repercussions for self-esteem – for instance YouTube beauty influencers can sometimes experience criticism from their viewers leading them down a spiral of guilt that leads them into introjecting or acting out to avoid negative feelings. Furthermore, social media promotion of cosmetics creates unrealistic expectations about beauty which further damages self-esteem.

Skin Care

Skin care routines are an integral component of many women’s beauty looks. From follow-an-influencer’s 11-step regimens to simply washing your face twice daily, skincare regimens play an integral part of creating beautiful looks. We offer an assortment of products designed to meet each specific need; for acne prone and oily skin types we suggest foaming cleansers containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide while dry skin sufferers might benefit from lotion formulas containing hydrating ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid.

At Ulta Beauty, we strive to make the beauty shopping experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. Choose between Order Pickup or curbside pickup (free with membership). Or let us bring it right to your doorstep with Same Day Delivery (free for orders of $25+).


Nails have taken center stage as part of fashion and as an indicator of our health. Any changes to their color, texture or shape should be brought up to your physician as soon as they occur, Linder advises. They could indicate diabetes, heart disease or melanoma. Most nails feature a white half-moon shape at their bases called the lunula; it should be larger on thumb nails than pinkies to indicate infection; any swelling, redness or puffiness in this feature could indicate inflammation in that area.

Hedren hired a manicurist to come weekly and teach women proper manicure techniques at the refugee camp, sparking her love of nails as an integral component of beauty and fashion. That’s where Hedren developed her passion for nails which have now become one of her key sources of pleasure and confidence.


Accessories can either complete an outfit or completely ruin it, so it’s crucial that you know how to accessorize it correctly in order to make the best choices and look your best. Even seemingly small details can have a major effect, making you appear even more desirable!

No matter if it’s for quick touch up or full beauty session, our collection of accessories was designed to enhance the natural features of each individual. From brushes to sponges, we offer everything necessary to take your beauty routine one step further.

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