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How to Choose the Best Design for Custom Printed Boxes?

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In today’s age, the trend towards e-commerce is increasing within a minute. The world is shifting towards online shopping. People want to feel relaxed and save their time. They get bored of their hectic routines. For this reason, many people prefer online shopping with just a single click, and the product is at your doorstep. 

As all businesses know, packaging is the main key that imprints their brand’s identity on the customer’s mind and hearts while delivering a product. Every company wants to make its packaging beautiful and strong to surprise customers. Apart from this, customization makes packaging more attractive. Customers feel more satisfied when they get custom boxes according to their desires.

As time passes, custom printed boxes are becoming the need of the industry. 

“The custom box packaging and printing market in the United States is estimated to reach $218.36 billion in 2025 from $183.92 billion in 2019. It is a good CAGR of 4.1% over the foretell period of 5 years from 2020 to 2025 and in spite of the Coronavirus burst.”

Businesses that come to know the art of custom boxes can become more successful. Customers love to see and buy again and again the packaging that gives them an artistic feel. As well as packaging must be secure enough to protect the product. Because nobody wants a damaged piece, so if you want the security of the items, custom printed boxes would be a great choice.

Selecting the Best Design – The Ultimate Guide

Every business gets a chance to be selected at once, as the first impression greatly matters. So, businesses must think about packaging and make sure to give the best at first sight. You can make a breathtaking first impression with a bespoke printing box until they receive the parcel. Here we will provide the ultimate guide to selecting the best packaging design for custom printed boxes.

  • Custom Printed Boxes With Logo

A logo is a brand’s identity; every brand has its logo. It represents your business in the world. So, it must be crafted beautifully on the box. Think about your company’s services and customize them accordingly. For example, if your brand is eco-friendly, use green and white colors in your logos. It is the best way to take the brand’s level high in the market. 

  • Finishing Increases the Appearance of the Box  

In packaging boxes, finishing plays an important role; it is a coating. There are many types, like lamination, gloss foil, varnish, and more. You can select according to your own choice. It gives an elegant look to the box. Customers like packages that provide an exclusive look. Also, they want the best color sense that makes their packaging unique from others.

After seeing this, the next thing customers want is to take the box in hand. This technique gives a customer a unique and different touch to the box. It fulfills the purpose of the brand by increasing sales. 

“By 2024, the worldwide custom box printing and packaging industry is predicted to make $28 billion in sales. With customization capability, it enables companies to make their clients feel special.”

  • Typography

Typography plays a significant role in packaging. Now It has a large impact on your product’s appearance. If any business is using typography amazingly in design, And then no one can beat them to boost their business. Words and texts on a design give life to a product. A simple design with no writing on it looks so unattractive. Typography adds beauty to the design. It increases the product’s look. It is the best way of generating revenue if it is done in a creative way.

  • Custom Shapes

Box shape matters a lot. Every product can’t fit in the same box. For example, a box used for jewelry can’t work for watches, and vice versa. You can customize the box depending on the nature of the product. Boxes are customized to suit the dimensions of the item to be packaged. Custom window boxes are the ideal solution for capturing the sight of the costumes. 

  • Precise Colors

The ideal color combination is so important in packaging for the best design. If your business is not following the proper color combination, this will bring your business down—colorful boxes grab customers’ attention at first sight. The selection of colors must be done efficiently in the design. 

85% of the clients say that color is the major reason that encourages them to purchase an item.

Before you are going to design custom printed boxes, always choose the color first that matches your brand. It gives a uniform look to the design. Some colors have a specific meaning. For instance, blue colors show royalty, and red color indicates excitement. However, when we talk about the packaging, they show your brand. So be careful while choosing a color. 

  • Materials

It is much more important in packaging to pick the right material. People prefer to select strong and sturdy materials that give them a long-lasting impression. Best materials provide protection to the product either on long journeys. There are many kinds of materials like cardboard, plastic, corrugated and more. Be wise when you choose material for your custom printed boxes. 

  • Information Related to the Product

Provide information that is necessary for the customers to know. Many people are conscious of reading product-related information. They first read all the information and then think about buying. There is no need for extra information because it gives a messy look to your product. Make it simple and easy for the customers and allure them. 

Final Words 

In essence, the perfect design speaks for itself. It is the top-class option to boost the business identity in the whole world. Custom printed boxes with logos, the best typography approach, relevant information about a product, and colors are the ultimate way to win customers’ hearts. A decent design attracts potential clients and makes them buy. Always choose a classy and stunning design that pleases your customers. So, you should be conscious of choosing the ideal design for your custom printed wholesale boxes. 

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