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How to Draw A Palm Tree Easily

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How to Draw A Palm Tree. Everyone needs a vacation sometimes to get away from it all. Regarding vacations, there’s nothing quite like relaxing on a tropical beach with a glass of fruit punch!

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Few things evoke the feeling of a fun-filled tropical vacation, quite like the sight of a beautiful palm tree.

If you dream of tropical beaches to relax on or love the palm tree view, don’t you think learning how to draw a palm tree would be fun?

This step-by-step guide to drawing a palm tree in 8 steps will show you that drawing a palm tree can be an easy and relaxing activity!

How to Draw A Palm Tree

Step 1

We’ll start easy with the first step of our tutorial on how to draw a palm tree. First, draw a thin, curved line. This creates the patch of sand from which your palm tree will later grow.

You can make the line look like our example, but you can change the line’s look a bit if you want!

Step 2

Using the line you drew in the first step, you can add grass to the palm tree drawing. This consists of a series of jagged lines of varying lengths.

As seen in the picture, you can curl them up a bit to give them some movement.

Step 3

A palm tree wouldn’t be a palm tree if it didn’t have the distinctive long trunk it’s famous for.

For this reason, we should add a trunk to your palm tree drawing! Draw two long, curving lines out of the jagged grass lines to form the trunk as it appears in our reference image. Once you’re happy with how the trunk looks, we can move on to the next step.

Step 4

In the next step of our tutorial on drawing a palm tree, we will first draw the large leaves at the top.

In this step, I recommend following the guide picture very closely, as it will help you when drawing more leaves later.

This part of the leaves will be drawn in very curved lines over those you drew in the tree trunk in the previous step.

To make this step easier for you, try to determine a central point where you want all lines to start. The reference image gives you an idea of where to place this center line.

The leaf line that extends further down has a slightly more jagged line than the others. This step can be tricky, but I know you can do it if you follow the picture closely!

Step 5

You can now draw more than your palm tree design using the lines you drew for the leaves in the previous step.

Start at the end of each line and draw another line towards the middle. The image will show you which lines should be smooth and jagged. Once the hands look good on you, we can move on to step 6!

Step 6

For this step of our guide to drawing a palm tree, draw circular shapes between the leaves near the center of the top of the trunk.

They fill in the gaps between the stem and leaves created in the previous step.

Next, draw some horizontal lines across the width of the palm trunk to give it some structure.

Step 7

Your palm tree design looks cool! Before coloring, add some lines to the leaves to make them look a bit more textured and alive. You can also add any fun details that look good!

Step 8

I hope you’re ready for more fun because now that your palm tree drawing is complete, you can have tons of coloring fun!

In this step, you can free your creativity and choose your favorite colors. We showed you how to color it, but you should follow your creative instincts.

You could even draw a beautiful sea background with a sunset! If I were to color it, I would use watercolor paints to give it a soft look.

Your Palm Tree Drawing is Finished!

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