How To Fix FaceTime Screen Share Not Working?

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You might be familiar with screen sharing as you might have used them in the other applications you have used for the purpose of video conferencing. 

In the screen share your screen will be automatically synchronized to the others in the meeting which means others will be able to see what is there on your screen. 

But while you use the feature of face time you might face certain errors and issues and in this blog we are going to tell you about why can’t I share my screen on facetime so that you can use the ways which we offer you to fix and resolve the error which you are dealing with. 

Correct Steps for Sharing Screen Share on Facetime for the users – 

Usually this error occurs because you often follow wrong steps for sharing a screen on facetime which is why we are providing the correct steps for you in this blog which you can follow. 

You should open facetime on your iOS device and then make a link for your meeting by tapping on the create link option following which you should hit on ‘i’ button and then tap on the share link button. 

This will start your facetime call and then during the call you can find the share button from the controls panel and then hit on the share my screen option which will begin the screen sharing on your face time. 

If you follow the steps which we just provided to you, you will fix the error and you would not have to worry about why does my facetime keep failing

Other Ways for Fixing the FaceTime Screen Share Not Working– 

If despite following the steps above you are not able to fix the error we have some other ways which you can follow to fix the error with a scary screen. 

1. Removing the emojis from the contact name 

The first way which you should use is to remove the emojis which you have from the screen contact names from face time as this feature might not work on every device. You can do this by moving to the contact app and then hitting the edit button and deleting the emojis followed by saving the changes, making sure that you restart facetime. 

2. Resetting the network settings on your device 

The next way which you should try is to reset the network settings on your device to fix facetime share screen trouble for which you should get to the settings of your device and hit on the general button and then look for transfer or reset iphone settings. 

After this, you are needed to tap on the reset button and then on reset network settings and as soon as you will type the password you will be connected to a new network of Wi-Fi

We hope that the ways which we have provided to you in this blog has been of help for you and you were able to get rid of the problem of facetime share screen. 

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