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Influencer Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

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Influencer marketing unites companies of any size with content creators. This collaboration allows the first to share their opinions about a service or product on social media with their large community, while the second has the opportunity to increase their sales.

Digital marketing does not stop growing and, thanks to social networks, the efforts to position a brand and sell are becoming more varied.

Influencer Marketing is a collaboration between content producers who have a large following on social networks and brands, companies, or other interested parties to promote a service or product.

Influencer marketing  advantages:

Brand recognition

You can use characters to generate content that is relevant to your niche if your business is new. You can use this method to make your brand more visible and attract the attention of users who are interested in it.


Reach new audiences with less money

Advertising can be a big investment for some businessmen. If you are in this situation, influencer marketing is a great way to reach a new audience with hardly any budget.


Create lasting relationships with people

You can build a strong relationship with your audience by having a well-known character endorse you on digital platforms. This will not only give you credibility and followers but also help to establish a bond between yourself and them.

Why? Your community will be filled with people who share your interests, which makes it easier for you to reach them with your content.


Original and engaging content

In the case of Instagram or Facebook, interactive formats. Such as live videos, surveys, and reels, are essential for positioning a brand.

Influencers are known for their innovative storytelling on social media and will help you to promote your brand.


Influencer marketing disadvantages:

You will find it difficult to align goals and results

It is important to note this point when evaluating the results. If your goal is to increase sales and you develop a digital influencer strategy, there’s a risk that users will not act as you would expect. Instead, they may simply become more fans.


Find profiles that have fake followers

It is a sad fact that with the rise of content creators on social media, it has become common to buy followers to get recognition.


Some content creators lack credibility

Some influencers are currently working with multiple brands simultaneously, transforming their profiles into a showcase for products, and not original content.

It can be counterproductive, as they are hardly interacting with their audiences.


How to work an influencer marketing strategy?

After you’ve learned the advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing it’s now time to develop a strategy to boost your brand.

What is your goal?

A good strategy begins with clearly defined objectives. When it comes to influencer marketing, the goals can be flexible.

You can set goals for sales, new markets, leads, and growing your profile’s followers. Consider what you are trying to achieve, and then work towards it.


You should know the audience you are working with

In the world of influencers, several segments can be tailored to your strategy.

After you have determined the type of influencer that you would like to work with, use tools to analyze their demographics, engagement rates of paid collaborations, and the approximate cost for a post.


Contact the content creators

You know what you want to achieve and who you would like to collaborate with. It’s time to reach out to the influencer and make a proposal for collaborating.

Communication can take many forms. Some of them include a contact email address in their profile, while others respond quickly to direct messages or comments.

For this contact, write a brief and clear message that explains what you want from the collaboration.


Work on post proposals

After you have reached a financial or exchange agreement with the influencer, your marketing strategy will move on to creating content proposals for the creator.


Measure results

It is important to measure the results to determine if your influencer market strategy was successful or not.

If you run an online shop, for example, you could create a coupon that would allow you to track how many people purchased your product because of the influencer or the number of visitors at the time the article was published.

If you want to increase the number of followers, use the statistics on your profile to determine the number of people who joined your community in the course of the collaboration. Then compare that growth to the average of the previous period.



Influencer Marketing is very helpful for your business if you know what you want to achieve. You now have a better understanding of influencer marketing. Don’t forget to create an online store.

It will help you increase the success of your campaign, and make it easier for customers to purchase products and services at any time.

Last but not least, contact us at Digital Specialist to learn more and better ways to promote your products and business online.

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