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Jd Edwards partners

How JD Edwards Partners Are Harnessing the Potential of Business Process Automation

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Organizations must embrace digital transformation in the current digital era if they want to remain competitive. This entails utilizing technology to improve client experiences, simplify procedures, and provide higher ROI. When it comes to JD Edwards (JDE), working with the appropriate professionals may help you realize all your company’s potential. In this post, we’ll look at the importance of JD Edwards partners in allowing business process automation, the function of automation in JDE, and how automation may change the digital transformation of your firm.

The Power of Automation in JD Edwards

For decades, JD Edwards has aided companies in managing their operations as a reliable ERP solution. However, as technology advances, so do stakeholder and customer expectations. Organizations must embrace automation inside their JDE environment if they are to meet the expectations of the contemporary business landscape.

JD Edwards’ automation extends beyond straightforward job completion. In order to develop touchless experiences, it entails redesigning business processes utilizing cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Organizations may improve productivity, lower mistakes, and free up their personnel to concentrate on activities that create value by automating repetitive and manual processes.

The Role of JD Edwards Partners

Unlocking the full potential of business process automation requires collaboration with the appropriate JD Edwards professionals. Partners of JD Edwards, such as LTI, provide enterprises with specific frameworks and knowledge to assist them manage the challenges of automation inside JDE. These partners are able to offer solutions that are specifically suited to JDE customers’ particular needs and issues.

LTI’s Novigo Process Automation Framework

The Novigo Process Automation Framework was created by LTI, a reputable JD Edwards partner, to assist enterprises in utilizing automation inside JDE. This architecture offers a tried-and-true method for enabling new automation capabilities, altering how businesses run. Automation and value-focused transformation are combined by LTI to provide enterprises the competitive edge they need in the digital world.

Unlocking the Benefits of Automation with LTI

1. Industry Insights from LTI’s Automation Experts

Organizations who work with LTI get access to important industry insights from automation specialists. The team of experts at LTI is knowledgeable about the complexities of JDE and can offer advice on the best practices and automation tactics. Organizations may make wise judgments and stay competitive by utilizing their knowledge.

2. The Novigo Process Automation Framework

A complete solution that supports end-to-end automation and digital transformation objectives is LTI’s Novigo Process Automation Framework. Everything from evaluating and prioritizing business operations to implementing automation and gauging success is covered by this approach. Organizations may guarantee a smooth and efficient automation journey by adhering to this structure.

3. Reduced Time-to-Market Approach

The automated strategy used by LTI drastically decreases deployment time. Organizations may speed up their digitalization journey by utilizing their ready pool of 250+ automated business procedures. Organizations may shorten their time to market and get a ROI more quickly because to LTI’s experience in fields including robotic process automation (RPA), mobility, the internet of things (IoT), analytics, and platform modernization.

4. Profits Across the Value Chain

Profits have been generated throughout the whole value chain as a result of LTI’s cooperation with JD Edwards clients and customers. LTI’s automation solutions have altered processes and unlocked more value for enterprises in a variety of areas, including Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C), Plan-to-Manufacture (P2M), and Lead-to-Order (L2O). Organizations may boost efficiency and profitability while fostering development by simplifying procedures.

Choosing the Right Version of JD Edwards

Organizations contemplating JDE automation sometimes wonder if they should upgrade to the most recent version, such as Release 22, or move to a cloud environment. The answer relies on a number of variables, such as the organization’s particular needs, objectives, and JDE environment. JD Edwards partners like LTI may advise an organization on the best course of action based on its particular needs and aid in decision-making.

Measuring ROI for Automation in JD Edwards

To support the installation and comprehend its effects on the business, JD Edwards automation return on investment (ROI) measurement is crucial. Partners of JD Edwards can help define key performance indicators (KPIs) and establish a reliable measurement methodology. Businesses may quantify the advantages of automation by analyzing measures like process effectiveness, cost savings, mistake reduction, and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, for firms wishing to unleash the power of business process automation, working with the appropriate JD Edwards professionals is essential. Partners for JD Edwards like LTI provide specific frameworks, market knowledge, and skills to help businesses successfully adopt automation inside JDE. Organizations may improve productivity, simplify operations, and maximize return on investment (ROI) via the use of automation. So, with the help of a reliable JD Edwards partner, take the first step toward touchless JD Edwards and enjoy the advantages of a completely digital-native business.

Additional Information:

  • JDE’s business process automation is made possible by the partners of JD Edwards, who offer their specific knowledge and frameworks.
  • Reimagining business processes through automation in JD Edwards entails integrating technologies like AI and ML to provide touchless experiences.
  • End-to-end automation and digital transformation objectives are supported by LTI’s Novigo Process Automation Framework.
  • With a ready library of automated business processes, LTI’s shortened time-to-market strategy quickens the digitization process.
  • JD Edwards partners can assist businesses in selecting the best JDE version and calculating the ROI of automation.
  • JD Edwards’ automation increases profitability throughout the whole value chain.

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