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Beautiful refers to attractive or appealing qualities found in women, often as physical attributes such as hair or skin. Makeup can help cover blemishes, define eyebrows, and enhance other aspects of natural look while complementing individual skin tones best. When selecting shades that complement individual coloring preferences for best results.

Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is an esteemed skincare brand offering an expansive selection of products. Focused on safety and efficacy, all its ingredients have undergone extensive scientific testing before being included in their formulations. Paula’s Choice does not use harmful chemicals or preservatives in any of its offerings.

This company, located in Seattle, Washington is known for their cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free products that address acne, dry skin, and clogged pores issues – often recommended by dermatologists and beauty editors alike. Their product offerings include cleansers, moisturizers, serums and exfoliators that all meet this criteria.

Paula’s Choice products can be found across multiple platforms, such as Amazon. They have earned thousands of customer reviews and received top marks. Paula’s Choice’s website features an easy search filter so that customers can locate products suitable for their skin type and age group. Collections or categories like sensitive skin can also be shopped. Paula’s Choice also provides an extensive return policy with no minimum purchase requirement – they even received ratings by Better Business Bureau (although there have been complaints regarding shipping delays and customer service).


After 31 years in print, Allure will move entirely into digital. This decision comes as no surprise as Conde Nast closed Glamour and Self last year while Hearst pulled O: the Oprah Magazine and Marie Claire; furthermore, print industry has become less valuable as advertisers prioritize immediate sales, clicks and other KPIs that are difficult to measure with print editions.

Allure Magazine is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle publication known for covering everything from makeup to fitness to nutrition, shopping guides reviews and advice. Allure editors and writers such as Arthur Miller, John Updike and Jhumpa Lahiri are respected within the industry while its photographers include Michael Thompson Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier who take photos exclusively for Allure magazine.

Allure Magazine is an official member of the American Society of Magazine Editors and utilizes a rigorous editorial process to vet products for quality, safety and efficacy. They work closely with manufacturers, scientists and other experts in order to craft the highest-quality content possible.

Vanity Fair

Period dramas offer a welcome respite from Peak TV; their familiar rhythms can bring comforting relief. Women will make humorous jabs at one another before crying quiet tears while men declare their love firmly. What makes Vanity Fair especially captivating is its talented cast; that is exactly what Amazon offers with this seven-episode adaptation based on William Makepeace Thackeray’s best-selling novel.

Reese Witherspoon shows she can handle large productions — not just romantic comedies — with her performance as Becky Sharp, an elegant social climber who uses all her charms to gain what she desires in an era when class matters more than now. Michael Palin and Romola Garai complete an outstanding cast with roles tailored specifically to them.

Mira Nair is best-known for her Bollywood films but has also excelled at period pieces. She brings elegance and clarity to proceedings while sometimes being drawn into cultural references that may appear trivialized or too simplistic for a period piece’s plotline.

The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department is an Australian skincare brand committed to offering only pure, toxin-free natural products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Their vision is that beauty should be healthy and empowering; using only organic, biodegradable and recyclable ingredients with 100% plastic-free packaging as part of their commitment.

This brand is expanding their line of beauty supplies, such as makeup, haircare and skincare products as well as unveiling their first fragrance collection aimed at appealing to millennials and establishing itself as an industry leader.

The Beauty Department also offers services including Russian gel manicures, pedicures and facials from trained stylists who can offer tailored experiences for each client. Their aim is to empower women worldwide and build confidence levels through advice provided through videos, photo tutorials and product reviews as well as their subscription service for beauty products with free shipping and samples included with every order.

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