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Low Voltage Lighting Trends 2023: What’s in and What’s Out

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Low voltage lighting continues advancing with new fixture designs, technologies and innovations that make it easier than ever to stylishly illuminate residential and commercial spaces. As we enter 2023, certain low voltage lighting trends are emerging as go-to options for their beautiful aesthetics, smart functionality and design versatility.

In this lighting trend guide, we reveal the low voltage styles and tech that lighting designers predict will be popular this year along with tips for incorporating them seamlessly. From organic shapes and smart controls to maximalist designs and color-tuning fixtures, read on for insights on what’s hot in 2023 when it comes to Low Voltage Lighting.

Let’s explore the new lighting directions gaining buzz and prime your spaces with trend-forward wow-factor this year!

Warm Metallics Offer Welcome Elegance

Brushed brass, oil-rubbed bronze and textured gold finishes on fixtures bring warmth and refined elegance to spaces in 2023. These metallics provide enough sheen to feel polished and luxe but still understated and natural. Warm metal fixtures and accents pair perfectly with wood tones, greenery, cream palettes and earthy hues popular in 2023 interior design. Lighting designers adore matching the warmth and patina of aged metals with decor this year.

Sculptural Organic Forms Captivate

Sweeping curved lines and abstract organic shapes take center stage in lighting design this year. Think rippled, wave-inspired sconces, arched floor lamps with plant-like asymmetry and kidney-shaped pendants for an artistic vibe. After stark, linear modern styles, softer sensual forms provide alluring contrast. Look for creative low-voltage lighting contours and silhouettes reminiscent of the elegant flow found in nature. Sculptural luminaires feel fresh and add movement.

Smart Features Simplify Controls

Advancements in smart lighting technology make controlling fixtures more intuitive than ever. Low voltage lighting options with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mesh and bridge integration make connecting lighting systems to home automation platforms and apps seamless. Touch-sensitive dimmers, vacancy sensors that auto-off when not in use and geofencing location awareness add convenience. Voice assistant compatibility also expands. Smart low voltage lighting maximizes functionality.

Maximalism Makes a Bold Statement

Minimalism is fading as maximalism rises in lighting and decor. More becomes more in 2023 design. Expect eclectic, abundant focal lighting features like tiered mid-century chandeliers, psychedelic patterns, disco balls, elaborate sconces, and excess ornamental details as subtlety gives way to dramatic statement-making. Colorful fixtures also align with maximalism. Lighting delivers visual excitement this year.

Mood-Enhancing Color-Tuning Low-Voltage Lighting Fixtures

Advanced LEDs that allow tuning bulb color to customize lighting effects will dominate in 2023. Preset modes can match lighting to activities like reading or dining. Scheduling mimics sunrise/sunset. Bold colors set lively or relaxed moods. The ability to tailor the exact light color one needs via app makes color-tuning fixtures incredibly popular for both residential and commercial spaces this year.

Textured Glass and Natural Materials

3D molded glass, recycled pressed paper, woven lampshades, wood elements and creative material blending provide appealing texture and warmth to fixtures in 2023. Interest goes beyond just the shape to also explore illuminated surfaces. Natural and unexpected material combinations like metallic accents on slumped glass lampshades generate lighting with depth and personality. The textural trend aligns with biophilic design principles as well.

Playful Pastels and Vintage Hues

Softer pastel hues give your low-voltage lighting system a playful warmth and retro appeal this year. Think airy lilacs, blush pinks, minty greens, dreamy sky blues and muted peach shades on fixtures and as ambient lighting. Vintage primary colors like mustard yellow, coral and robin’s egg blue also surprise. These gentler tones provide youthful contrast to pervasive modern minimalism and add a wink of personality.

Glamour and Opulence Make a Comeback

After a few years of predominately minimalist Scandinavian and industrial design, 2023 sees glitz, shimmer and opulence return. Ornate crystal fixtures, imitation candle sconces with “flickering” bulbs, gilded finishes, mirrors and flash bring back drama and luxury. Boudoir and Hollywood Regency styles provide inspiration for lighting as lavish details re-emerge. Sculptural candelabra fixtures also align with the glam renaissance.

Geometric Patterns and Optical Illusions

Funky geometrics, 3D angular illusions, tessellations and kaleidoscopic patterns give lighting visual impact. Triangular fixtures, prismatic refracting bulbs and even digitally printed lampshades generate eye-catching optical effects. The futuristic feel contrasts with organics also trending. Geometry adds lighting excitement on pendants, wall sconces and table lamps this year.

Experience The Magic of Low-Voltage Lighting: Budget-Friendly Solution To Create Bright and Beautiful Space

As 2023 progresses, keep an eye out for trending low-voltage lighting styles. Incorporating these trendy systems strategically lets you stay on-trend with illumination that excites. Just beware of overdoing transient trends that may fade quickly. The right lighting expert can help perfect the balance in your spaces.

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