5 Outstanding Flockler Alternatives That You Need To Look Into In 2023

5 Outstanding Flockler Alternatives You Need To Look In 2023

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Flockler is a social media aggregator tool that smoothly collects social media feeds from numerous platforms to be displayed on the website. It makes the work of marketers and website managers a little easier. 

Even though Flockler is a good social media aggregator tool, businesses are still looking for Flockler alternatives that can provide them with more advanced or better features. 

Additionally, businesses are also looking for a tool that offers the best price and features in the market. 

This article will help you to get your hands on some of the outstanding alternatives of Flockler in the market. You can go through each of their features and pricing before deciding which one is suitable for you. 

So, let’s start exploring.

5 Best Flockler Alternatives That Your Business Needed

Naturally, you will look into the different options that are available in the market before choosing the best for your business. Businesses will look for Flockler alternatives that are easy to use, support large platforms, have good customer support, and other things. 

Keeping that in mind the curated list of alternatives to Flockler has been made for you. 

1. Tagembed 

Let’s start the list with one of the best aggregator tools in the market, Tagembed. It helps the companies to smoothly collect, curate, and showcase the best social media content on their website to make it engaging to their visitors. 

It offers different features to the brands like customer review widget, stories widget, social media widget, and album widget to integrate them on their website. It can collect interactive content from over 20+ social media platforms. Tagembed tool comes with the feature to manage, customize, and filter out the content for maximum benefit. 

Breaking down to its features and pricing for deeper understanding.


  • Let you build a unique widget with different customization features. 
  • Automatically updates the content on the website without extra effort.
  • Provide you detailed data about your widget with smart analytic features.
  • Make sure your widget performs seamlessly.
  • The moderation feature helps you to filter out content that is relevant and useless. 


  • Lite- Free option for exploring the widget.
  • Basic- Starting from $19 per month. Best to use for the Startups.
  • Pro- Starting from $29 per month. Best to use for small and medium businesses.
  • Plus- Starting from $59 per month. Best to use for large businesses and agencies.

2. Juicer.io

Second on the list is Juicer.io. It has made its place on the list as it has the potential to make your content stand out from the crowd. It uses hashtags and filters out the content to make it easy for the brands to select content as per their requirements. 

It is also one of the great Flockler alternatives. Brands can use this tool to aggregate feeds from 15 well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It also helps you create a great customer reviews widget for your website. Transform all your content into a single feed with its moderation feature with just a few simple clicks to be displayed on your website. It has many other interesting functionalities.

Breaking down to its features and pricing for better understanding.


  • Curate social media feeds.
  • Design interacting and personalized social wall feeds.
  • It can be able to link different social media platforms for collecting feeds.


  • Medium– $19 per month plan and is ideal for personal sites and small blogs.
  • Large– $99 per month plan and is ideal for business and e-commerce sites.
  • Enterprise– $199 per month plan and is ideal for flexible agencies and resellers.

3. Curator.io 

Next Flockler alternative in the list Curator.io. Show and engage your audiences by aggregating the best social media feeds on the website with Curator.

This tool has made its place in the list because it offers users interesting features at a very cost-effective price that fulfills the needs and budget of the brands. It offers users a feasible interface. It runs successful hashtag campaigns for your brand. It makes your website look visually appealing to your visitors for bringing traffic. You can also design a very attractive customer review widget to be embedded on your website. 

Let’s delve into its features and pricing for you. 


  • This tool is SEO-friendly.
  • Lightweight code.
  • Comes with different presentable themes.


  • Professional- $25 per month.
  • Business- $59 per month.
  • Agency- $100 per month.
  • Event- $200 per month.

Enterprise- Your price will be decided as per your requirements.

4. Walls.io 

The fourth Flockler alternative is the Walls.io. It is one of the fantastic aggregator tools. It seamlessly displays the hashtag campaigns on your website. Not only that it also helps you to design interactive social news widget, and customer review widget to be displayed on the website and engage visitors. 

The Walls.io aggregator tool helps you to generate leads by collecting interesting content from over 13 social media sites by embedding them on your website. The networks include Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and many more.  

Take a look at its features and pricing. 


  • Can aggregate content from keywords. 
  • Customize and moderate your content accordingly.
  • Link content to call to action button. 


  • Starter- $55 per month for 1 source.
  • Professional- $250 per month for 15 sources.
  • Enterprise- The price is customizable as per the needs of clients.

5. TintUp

The fifth alternative to Flockler in our list is TintUp. It is ideal for businesses as it helps them optimize their social media feed with UGC studio, visual search features, and AI. This platform offers users more than just collecting and curating feeds. Users can rate, publish, review, and schedule.

Brands can collect content that is created by their customers through collaboration in a single place. And allows them to market the collected content on the various social media platforms. This will help businesses to boost engagement and bring a high sales rate.  

Have a look at its features and pricing for a deeper understanding.


  • Can match the requirements of any brand as it is fully customizable.
  • It can be implemented on any screen.
  • It can build widgets for your brand in a minute.


They haven’t provided their detailed pricing plans on their website yet. Hope in the future it will be available on their website. In case you are interested in knowing about their prices you can directly contact them. 


This article has told you about some of the fantastic Flockler alternatives. Consider everything discussed here for your better understanding and then choose the right one that best fits you. 

All these tools are the best in features and price that help brands to bring the best result. So now that you know about them, achieve your goals by choosing the best one for your brand. 


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